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hi everyone

I'm going to byron bay to study in a music/film institute for a couple of years (SAE for the record, if anyone has heard of it).

Right now i'm trying to budget myself for the 1 or 2 years that I'll be there. I've got my accommodation sorted, thats all paid for, and my tuition fees, I'm just wondering now what i'll need to live on per year (food, transport, haircuts, general random things).

I've saved up enough that i'll have GBP£3000 per year (US$5,800 or AUD$7,300). Do you think this will be enough to live on whilst i'm in byron bay, if i'm sensible with it or will i need a lot more do you think? Hope not!


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AU$7300 (about $140 per week) would be enough to live off for 12 months but wouldn't leave you anything spare at the end of the week. Byron Bay is a holiday town and it's quite a bit more expensive than the rest of the country. Your shopping would probably be at least $100 per week with around $40 for incidentals.
Unfortunately, it wouldn't leave you much money to party with your classmates or the backpackers or see the rest of the country but if you're taking things seriously (considering your coming from the other side of the globe, you probably are) it may not bother you too much.

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If you're travelling out on a student visa, then you can get an endorsement that will allow you to work up to 20hrs per week during term time and fulltime over the holidays. It might be worth thinking about taking a job to subsidse the funds. Being a tourist town - there's always bar/waitress work about... plus you can usually score a free meal and a couple fo free drinks working in a bar/pub

Message me if you need any details on the student visa endorsement.

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Hi Tom,

When you apply for your student visa, you usually aren't able to actually apply for the work endorsement at the same time. Unfortunately it's a little bit of a fiddly process.

1. Australian Immigration will grant you the student visa (sub class 573) before you arrive in Australia. (This will most likely be an electronic visa - so no stamp in your passport at this stage)

2. When you first arrive in Australia, you'll need to head to the nearest Immigration Office to get a copy of the visa placed in your passport (although occasionally they'll do this at customs when you arrive)

3. Complete Form 157P - this can be done online at, but you can't apply until you have actually commenced classes here in Australia.

4. Take a copy of Form 157P to your Educational Institute here in Australia to sign and authorise that you are enrolled and have commenced classes.

5. Submit the completed form to Dept of Immigration

6. Permission to Work is usually granted in about 6 weeks.

Most of the international students I know have found the process to be a bit of paperchasing, but not actually difficult. I have never heard of anyone on a student visa being declined a work endorsement, so I wouldn't worry too much about that.

Really, you just need to make sure you'll have enough cash to get by for the first 2 months without working. Given the $$ you said you have saved (very impressive!) you'll be fine.

Good luck! Drop me a line and let me know how it all goes