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Hi - as part of my round the world package I have an Oz Experience bus tour (Byron Bay - Cairns), a Kiwi Experience bus tour (Funky Chicken) and a FeeJee Experience bus tour (Hula Loop) all included....however I've heard mixed stories about what the tours are like and the people that go on them.
Anyone ever been on any of them?! What am I letting myself in for??!!!

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They are aimed at young folk who like to drink and party, if you like partying and drinking with young folk and want to travel around with a group of people who you'll get to know quite well doing the same route as you, you'll probably enjoy it. If you don't like to party until the wee hours you might want to change your plans....

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The backpacker tour buses are definately all about partying and drinking and tend to be aimed at the 'younger' crowd. They can be a good way to get to know fellow travellers when you first arrive in a country and to see the tourist sites, but certainly not the way to get a true feeling of the 'vibe' of a place... if you haven't done much independant travelling, before then I'd say give it a shot, but certainly don't book up all your travelling time on backpacker tours - build in time to just wander about and explore on your own.