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evyone i would be grateful if anyone would reply to this
i would be leaving for malaysia on wednesday.
i wanted to ask if i could take a car for hire and what r the conditions required for it. i already have an international drivers license. i wanted to ask ab8 the complexities of insurance and evything associated with taking a car for hire in mallaysia and what happens when u r caught in a traffic violation or involved in an accident

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I think its best that you utilise the public transport in Malaysia. It will be cheaper than renting a car. thanks.


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Al is right, public transport is cheap in Malaysia and very frequent.

However car rental is quite easy. The rental price includes insurance. If you have an international licence you should have no problem. There are many car rentals companies in Malaysia, check the internet. With some you can bargain if you go there personally, e.g at the airport.

Traffic violation . either you pay an on the spot fine or else you are sent a summons some weeks later. I am not sure what happens with rental cars though.

What country are you from?

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hey thanks for tkin the time and answering ,my queries.
by the way, i m from pakistan. i wantwed to ask u that air asia's discount tickets have been booked and i seem not to get any of them. i think i would have to buy them from bangkok airport . by the way , if u didnt know i would be landing in bkk and then from there attepmting to go to kota kinabalu. so do ubguys know as to how to get discount from air asia on the airport if any or if there are any cheaper airlines. pls reply i would be departing tommorow

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I hope you're able to see this before you head to the airport.

The price offered by Air Asia is already a low price, lower than conventional airlines. It's just how low, depending on how early you purchase the ticket.