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RTW First Timer -HELP!!

Travel Forums Round the World Travel RTW First Timer -HELP!!

1. Posted by rag7 (Budding Member 41 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hi everybody, firstly what a great site this is, have been looking at the different responses all week and been very impressed with how helpful everybody seems so have signed up and ready to contribute where i can.

Getting married in July and was all set to get the mortgage etc but then my wife to be and I have plucked up the courage to leave everything and get away for a year before the strains of bills and kids properly kick in!

We have spent a long time discussing with the experts (Sta travel) our route but wondered what you guys (the real experts) recommend. Having booked our ticket just yet but route been given the ok and just sorting out dates. Potential route is as follows: London - Mumbai - Bankok - overland down to Singapore - Cairns - overland to Sydney (where we may work to build the cash levels up a bit) - Christchurch -overland to Auckland - Santiago - overland via BA,Uruguay to Rio - Miami - Back to Blighty!! Got a year to cover the lot!

I know we are never going to be able to really see every country thoroughly in this time as we are probably trying to see too many places at once but we feel this could be our only chance in a long time to really get out there so want to see as much as possible.

Anyway, that's the background, now my questions?
Do you think this is too much?
Climate wise - we were going to leave in Sept but may push back a month due to monsoon season in India. Wise decision?
£12k enough for spending (not incl flights)?
Any other tips?

2. Posted by Degolasse (Travel Guru 823 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Those are pretty loaded questions, but I'll do my best here.

You are definelty packing alot in there, but its not nessesarily too much depending on what kind of a trip you are looking for. It will be a pretty busy trip with no chance to really stop for a long period, but if you think you are up for constantly travelling for a year then it should be a good trip. I hear of alot of people packing a whole lot more into a year.
You can break it down something like this:
India - 2 months (Sept-Oct)
Bangkok to Singapore - 3 months (Nov, Dec, Jan)
Cairns to Sydney - 2 months (Feb, Mar)
Christchurch to Aukland - 2 months (April, May)
Santiago to Rio - 3 months (June, July, Aug)

It doesn't look so bad like that and not too busy. I don't think though that you'll have much time for working in Australia. As for pushing your trip up a bit, I would say don't bother for a couple reasons. Sept and Oct is fine to be in India. It may not be quite beach weather yet, but in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh (places you can't miss on your first visit), it's fine for travelling. But you don't need beaches in India - you'll be at the start of your trip so won't feel like you need a vacation yet, and there will be far better beaches to come in Southeast Asia and Australia. Also, the way you have it now, by the time you reach Australia, the summer is almost over - pushing your trip up another month will mean that you will miss the best time of year by the time you reach Sydney. Same for NZ, you are already arriving in the Autumn, and another month will take you almost into winter. You might find it getting a bit chilly. It seems you will be in South america during the winter no matter how you cut it because you'll be arriving back home in Aug or Sept. I'm sure it's still fine for travelling that time of year, but it may not be the best for hiking in the South if that is part of your plan. I don't really know much about weather in that area, but it's something to keep in mind when planning that lag of the journey.

Money - 12,000 pounds. Is that each or together? If it is each, than I'm sure it's loads of money. If its together, you may struggle. How much you spend will great depend on how long you spend in each place. India and Asia are dirt cheap, and your budget will be quite low - enough to last a number of years on that money (I could last in India for 6 years on 12 grand). Australia and NZ on the other hand are quite expensive to travel in. South America will be somewhere in the middle. So you really need to sort out how long you will be in each place. If you think money will be low, then either cut out as much time as you can in Australia and NZ (a month each is still good to quickly see alot of highlights), or just spend a few months visiting just one country so that you can take the time to work. If you did the first option and only briefly visited Oz and NZ, then I think you will have plenty of money even if the 12grand is split between you. And don't worry, there is loads to see in Asia and South America if you added an extra couple months to them.

3. Posted by rag7 (Budding Member 41 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Thanks for your reply, has been very helpful so far. We are only intending to stay in Mumbai for maybe 2 weeks or so just as a taster rather than explore the whole area so we will have more time for the other places. Does anyone have any advice with regards to the seasons/weather in the places we are going. We are slightly concerned that by the time we are in South America it will be winter and maybe a bit cold. Has anyone been on a similar route? How did you find the weather?

4. Posted by ppereira (Full Member 25 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

If I where you, I defenetly consider Central America for your travelling... It has lots to offer and it is cheap!!!
see my pictures....