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brazil/argentina/uruguay -- 5 weeks

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1. Posted by canteen (First Time Poster 1 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

brazil/argentina 5 weeks

I'm planning a 5 week trip:
any feed back would be great!
espeically if there is anything i'm missing that is on my route...

first 2 weeks in Brazil:
1. fly into rio--then looking for a nice secluded beach south of Rio?
2. Stop in Curitiba--for the atlantic rainforest train ride? anyone been? what city is the best to sleep in; is there other exploration opportunities besides the train?
3. overnight to Iguazu

next week:
4. iguazu to Posadas--how many days in Posadas? is it worth it
5. overnight to BA--spend a few days..
6. onto montevideo--any must sees in uruguay in 5 days?

LAST 10 days:
7. back to BA to meet a friend--stay in BA for 5 days
8. thinking of flying direct to mendoza--OR should we stop in cordoba via bus--on the way to mendoza (but loose time)?

-what are must sees around mendoza? how is the rafting? any other good scenic adventure options?
-how is mendoza? really worth it....personally not totally into wine...
is cordoba better?

9. bus mendoza to santiago---> fly out
the weather should be ok for the buses to santiago right?


2. Posted by bentivogli (Travel Guru 2398 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Posadas in itself is super-boring... the surroundings are nice, though, and I'd certainly spend some time (2 days) in San Ignacio Mini, the strange ruins of one of SA's largest missionary outposts, since hardly any tourists go there. Also, the bus ride from Posadas to Corrientes goes through very beautiful scenery, so if you can spare the time I'd say that's worth doing.

Apart from my general recommendation never to go flying where it isn't absolutely unavoidable, missing out on Cordoba would be a shame. So I'd vote for going by bus to Mendoza, and make a 2-day stopover there. You can reschedule a few things, since you planned too much time in Missiones province anyway... :)

Weather for the Mend-Sant bus isn't really a factor this time a year; only in mid-winter, the crossing can be found too dangerous, but not now.

enjoy SA; let us know if you have any further questions,


3. Posted by dario_81 (Budding Member 3 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Mendoza is a great place to visit. Having been born in Buenos Aires with my grandparents living in Mendoza, I spent a great many summers in Mendoza, most of my fond childhood memories are there. If your not into wine or oilve oil there is a lot of other cultural and diverse things to do. Theres a lot of history there too. If you go i suggest you visit Puente del Inca (Inca's Bridge), its a beutiful natural formation near the Mendozian Ski fields. Also Mendoza city has heaps of sites to see from the Amphitheatre and the Monument to Glory in General San Marting Park, few other sites there as well as a nice little zoo. Theres also a couple of Indian reserves and musems that are worth a visit not far from here. As for the rafting, its great lots of cliffs canyons to raft through, best time for it is spring (Aug-Nov) though when most of the snow melts from the Andes. Hope this helps!

4. Posted by kavanrom (First Time Poster 1 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Great trip. Here's some advice for the Uruguayan bit. If you are in Buenos Aires, take the ferry from Tigre to Carmelo (Uruguay) called 'Delta Nave'. The journey is quite unconfty but lovely sightseeing. Spend half a day or a day exploring Carmelo and Colonia del Sacramento. The latter is one of the oldest towns colonised by the portuguese in the seventeenth century. Then take a coach to Montevideo. Montevideo is a friendly city but there is not much to do. I recommend you to visit the port, eat out at lunch time at 'Mercado del Puerto' the best of parrilla/beef meat (apologies if you are vegetarian). Then take a walk through the old city and Plaza Independencia and then the no. 104 bus will take you to Carrasco, the poshest neighbourghood, all the way through the rambla by the River Plate. Two of my favourite places in Montevideo are the 'Puerto del Buceo' where the yacht club is, and the 'Plaza Virgilio', you get to see two different angles of the city.
If you are planning to stay a couple of days in Uruguay, and especially if you are planning to travel in the summer, please do not miss 'Cabo Polonio', a fishermen town in Rocha, with no electricity and no running water. It is also a reservoir for seawolves, and it has a lovely lighthouse, and believe me the skies you get to see in Cabo Polonio are unique.
Enjoy your time.
Karen (Uruguay)