Can I live on a beach in Hawaii?

Travel Forums General Talk Can I live on a beach in Hawaii?

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Well the title says it all. I've been living in my truck, and on friends couch's while I've been on my year long trip to Alaska. I've just been wounding how easy it would be to live out of a box, and a tent on some beach in Hawaii, and just ride my little mo-ped back and forth to work, where ever that may be. Hope everyone had a good 4th of July. I was floating the Kenai River here in Alaska, and went camping out on Fry Pan Island on Skilak Lake. Look it up on the map, that's really the name.
Cheers Mates,

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Not a hope.
Hawaii is a closed shop and people living outside of approved accommodations are not at all popular.
Plus locals are often unfriendly even violent toward anyone they perceive to be outsiders taking advantage of what they think of as theirs.
For instance locals often think that they somehow own waves at beaches and don't want anyone else surfing there-to do so is to have you vehicle vandalized or suffer a beating at the hands of a local gang.

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Heya Alex,

I can't comment on Hawaii, but congrats on floating the Kenai... If you started up around the Russian River portion of the Kenai system then you would've floated past my old house. Fry Island is a good time too no? Kenai and Skilak were always some of my favorite spots to float when I was growing up.