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Im arriving in Thailand on the 19th of April and have 9 days to spare before I head to kho phangan for the full moon party and then around the islands.

I want to do a few days in Bangkok and then either up to Chang Mai for a three day trek or to kanchanaburi for a few days but cant decide where to go!!

Please help

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Hello Birkett

I went to Kanchanaburi, the last time I was in Thailand. I can certainly recommend it. Especially, if u are interested in WW2 history.
If u go there, the Blue Star Guest House is lovely. It has rooms from 150 to 600 Bahts. If u can afford it, and if they are available, choose the wooden ones on stils, down at the river.


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I was in Kachanaburi for a few days back in 2000 and enjoyed it. There's a really really cool 7 (or was it 9) 'step' waterfall about an hour away by moped. The hike to the top one takes a few hours. My friend and me made it up to the second to last 'step' (I say step, but what I mean is the river actually consists of a series of small waterfalls and each one of these I'd call a 'step'). It's really beautiful, but aparently the last one is the most impressive; that's right, the one we didn't see My friend was back there last year and made it a point to go and see the last one too. It was aparently only a few steps from where we turned back, hahaha!

I was just checking my photos, but unfortunately I don't have any digital copies of the waterfalls to upload. Sorry

Haven't been to Chiang Mai but also heard great things about it. Kachanaburi is a lot closer to Bangkok, which can be good depending on how many days you have exactly.

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You should before 14 april, we've songkran festival 13-15 april all country. after that you can travel songkran festival at bangsean or prapradeng.

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I think I was in Thailand, one year, during that festival, Titikaka.
Is that the one, where people throw water, on each other.
The Khao San Road is Bedlam during it. If u step out of your guesthouse, for even a second, u get covered in chalk and water. ;)


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Ive just got back from a month in Thailand a few days ago.

I would definately recommend going to Kanchanaburi. I went there for 3 nights at the beginning of March and it cost around 150 baht each way on the bus which is really cheap.

Stayed at the Jolly Frog which is only around 300 baht a double room for the night and is a good place to stay.

It cost 800 baht for a day long trip in which you go to the Erawan National Park (where the 7 tier waterfall is), then elephant trekking, bamboo rafting, the bridge over the River Kwai and then a ride on the Death Railway. Lunch is also included. Not bad for around £10.

Also rented out a motorbike and went to the Tiger Temple, which is around 35 kilometres away. You can get your picture taken with the Tigers there, who are all looked after by Buddist monks. It was really good.

Kanchanaburi itself is quite a small place but there are a few bars and restaurants which serve good food and it is cheaper than Bangkok. And if you are going straight from Bangkok you will be glad of a few days without people in your face every two seconds!

Hope this helps!


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Everyone else has given you all the details, so I'll just say this. Kanchanaburi! Stunning!