Help Needed please!! Much Appreciated

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Me and my g/f are planning a RTW trip in Jan 2008 it would be our first travelling experience therefore need the best advice possible, and this site is full of people in the know its great!
We have looked into things abit more and would be looking to go mid January 2008 and would fly to
US Multistop - We have looked at doing Trek America here the Country Cruising 21 day trip works out about £1200 Ive read good reviews about it and enables you to see places and all organised etc

Singapore (we want to go to bangkok and the islands especially Laos and do the gibbon experience!)
Aus Multi Stop (here we would be looking to work possibly to build up the funds but are unsure where best to go to within Aus etc and where to stay)
Auckland (possibly work here)
Cook Islands (Raratonga for a bit to basically chill out and relax)
Hong Kong
Then home!
We dont really know what time to spend at each region, we hacve 12 months to spread it over.

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any advice? We are lookign to travel in Jan 2008 so another question is that we would like to plan it so that the season is summer in the places we get to I know its hard but hopefully people will have experienced this?

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In Australia, I think the place you'd find easiest to get work would be Brisbane or the Surfers Paradise region in Queensland. The weather is beautiful most year round, but you find a lot of the younger generation are beach bums so almost every shop window has help wanted signs up. For travelling in Australia my personal view is that you should definitely head across to Western Australia and do a tour around there. It has amongst the most beautiful scenery, wilderness, nature in Australia. It has at least one of the best beaches in the world, you can feed dolphins and swim with them at Monkey Mia which is just a great experience and that is just the beginning of the Western Australian experience you could have. It covers approximately 1/3 of the area of Australia so their is no shortage of space to explore, but hiring a car or if you are spending some time there, buying a car would be necessity if you were to explore it well as any tours are very very expensive (in many cases almost as expensive per day as going to Antarctica on one of those very expensive cruises!).

In South East Asia, if you landed in Bangkok, you could then get a cheap airasia flight to Hanoi, do an overland trip through Vietnam, then get a cheap 3 day 2 night Mekong Delta tour that goes from Saigon-Phnom Penh, then see Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore before moving on to Australia if that's where you were going after South East Asia.

Instead of doing that multistop 21 day thing that costs £1200, have you considered doing all of this travel on a round the world ticket and then just including the maximum allowed stops in the North American continent on your ticket? The maximum stops for North America is normally 5, but it may be less stops depending on the RTW ticket you buy. If you did that, then you could just do overland travel in between by yourself. You may even be able to land in one airport and depart from another so you wouldn't need to backtrack to get back to the same airport. If you were getting a RTW ticket already and then on top of that planning to spend another £1200 on that tour, you could scrap the tour and do it yourself for way less if you were staying in hostels. You'd also have more freedom and more opportunities. By most non millionaire standards, £1200 is quite a lot to just spend for the sake of it. In most places in the US that would equate to approximately 50 nights hostel accommodation for 2 people. So if you saved that money it'd mean less time you needed to work in Australia or New Zealand and the more time for having an amazing trip.

Have a great trip.

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Goodluck getting it to go over summer everywhere, I managed to do a RTW trip like that for most places, but in some cases it just wasn't possible but I still managed to go 7 months with about 3 rainy days and weather ranging from about a maximum of 17C - a maximum of 50C throughout 5 continents. I certainly came back a lot browner than I went away (my family didn't even recognise me initially because I'd tanned so much!).

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