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Hi, I just wondered if anyone has been through the getting sponsored route to staying in Oz. Im loving been out here and would like to spend longer working out here,but im not sure id want to move here permanently due to family etc. I looked at the job im doing and it is on the list of skilled workers they need out here. Iv not broached the issue of been sponsored to stay with my employer-i dont feel iv been working there long enough to ask about this but I would like to hear other people's experiences, so im better informed in the future!
Thanks in advance

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Hi Hels,
Speaking as a sponsor (employer), there are a few things to note before asking your employer to sponsor you. Under a class 457 employee visa, the employment contract is for 4 years, unless another visa is granted during this period. The employer is responsable for your medical cover, which is $391/quarter with Australian Unity against $215 on the equivilant citizan plan. If your service is no longer required the employer is responsible for your airfare home. Is your employer willing to take you on under these terms? That is the big question.



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Thanks for that-i will bear in mind what you said. Its good to hear from someone on the other side of things (ie an employer rather than an employee).

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I've done it twice. Getting my first sponsorship took a month and after 2 years I decieded to change job and ended up being sposored second time. This time it took only 2 weeks.
457 visa has got lost of limitations. You can work only in specific ocupation, specific region/city, you can't have additional source of income, can't run your own business, are not eligible to Medicare (public medical system) and most importantly you can one only for your sponsor company. But generally speaking it is good solution and you can applky for permanent residency after two years (actually it is you sposnor you can apply for PR for you)
Good luck

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hi, for any hairdressers out there looking for sponsorship you could check out this website:

the company specialise in the hairdressing/stylist field which is in high demand. good luck, pete