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I'm considering a job offer in the Greater London Area, but I'm unsure about the salary.

In my last job in Germany I got about 1000 EUR net. I paid 300 EUR rent, had costs of around 400 EUR (270 GBP) per month and was able to put away 300 EUR (200 GBP) each month into my savings account.

How much would I need to ask for in pounds per annum to get a similar rate of savings per month? I would be willing to go down to a savings rate of 100 GBP per month, but not lower.

An explantion of the salary quotes in the UK would be very nice, btw. If I get quoted 15,000 GBP - what does this include? Is it before taxes and national health insurance fees or after?

Also, what is the rent like in Surrey? For one person only, either a room in a shared flat or a single room appartment with kitchen and bathroom, good public transport connections?

Thank you all very much.

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Greater London is a very expensive place, and 15K isnt much to live on anywhere in the UK, let alone London. This salary is the gross (i.e before tax, NI, pension etc.) Public transport in England is appalling, and dreadfully expensive. Dont know about rent in Surrey, but id imagine it would be expensive. id guess on 15K youll come out with about between £900 & £1000 or so a month after deductions.

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hi, you have to work out what your expectations are of living in london. do you want to go out and party each weekend or are you happy going out once a week? do you spend a lot of money on buying clothes, music, and other consumer goods? transport costs vary depending where you live in relation to where you work.

basic living costs that i paid per month were:
rent incl all bills: 400 GBP in v. nice shared 2 bed house in surrey
food: around 150 GBP
gym: 70 GBP
going out: around 200-250 GBP
mobile phone: around 35 GBP
travel: around 60 GBP

wages are quoted before tax is deducted. you can get by on anything from 16-18K and save 100-200 GBP per month depending on your lifestyle. enjoy london, it is a great city. hope this helps, pete

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Hi there,

To add to the previous replies... in terms of Tax & NI, salaries are always quoted before these deductions.. as a rough guide £15Kpa would give you just about £1K per month after deductions, and unless you get into mega money (over £40kish), the tax rate is 22% and NI is 11% - so for every £1Kpa you earn, you will take home approx £55 extra per month.

Also, where in Surrey would you be living (Surrey covers quite a large area)? Cost of renting a room increases significantly the closer to London you get (a similar room in Camberley on the edge of Surrey could be £200 less than in London).

If you have anymore questions, let me know.

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hi THere
Do you need to live in Surrey? It is an especially expensive area. Look at what is available to rent by looking at, you will get a feel for areas and prices.

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Thanks everybody, including those who replied by personal message.

You were all very helpful.