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Well basically within my RTW tour as alot of regulars will be aware, im spending from 6-8 months in Australia, but initially i couldnt make my mind up on wether to locate myself to work in either Sydney or Melbourne. . . now i have been advised by the guys hooking me up my ticket STA Travel that Byron Bay would probably be my best bet. .

Im travelling alone, and this is the best place for me to meet like minded backpackers from all walks of life, also i believe there is many cheap travel hostals and possible houe shares here. .

is the above info true?

Also another big factor i explanined to them was, that im a very keen surfer, but if im honest still very much at the rookie level, so big swells wouldnt be a good idea to learn on, they went on to explain that Byron Bay gets some awesome conditions for all different levels most days of the year. . . is this also true??

so out of what is mentioned above, which would you think would be the best location??

Byron Bay?

thanks for any advise given, its allways very much appriciated! :)

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I'm not sure byron bay's the best place to base yourself for work as it's a small town but the surf and the atmosphere of the place is really cool.there's two main surf beaches both with good swells for learning on..it's got a real laid back hippy vibe to the place....and cheeky monkey's rules when it comes to a night out.
The Arts Factory is a pretty cool hostel as it's in the forest,a short walk from town and it's got it's own bar called the Buddha bar.
good luck anyway

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mmm, so you think i'd be better off locating myself in Sydney, im going to be looking for barwork while im out there, but must have a beach which has the right conditions for a rookie surfer, (i.e not to bigger swell) . . .really dont want to have to commute for surf, so as close to my doorstep as possibile. .

ive been told that, there wouldnt be ''loads'' of jobs for bar work in Byron Bay, as it is a pretty small community, is this the case??

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sydney's probably your best bet for work really....try some of the suburbs...Manly's got a good long surf beach and a pretty cool night life and it's just a $6 dollar 20 minute ferry ride back to sydney harbour or try bondi or coogee beach....bondi needs no introduction but is always busy and coogee is just a little way down the coast but only 30 minutes bus ride to sydney city centre,all are a good starting points to save some cash for the rest of your travels.....once you've saved enough byron bay's just a 13 hour bus ride up the coast.
have fun

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Byron's amazing! I learn't to surf there, great vibe about the place. I also love Melbourne, loads of work there but mainly office stuff.

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Me and my friend whilst travelling Oz stopped off at Byron in search for work - waste of time.

Small place with no work going anywhere.

Great place though, so id say go for a city - personally i loved Melbourne, and theres loads of work there

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makka, I said this in your other post but I'll say it again - go to the Gold Coast!

It's only an hour's drive north of Byron Bay. You can still bus it down to Byron to surf sometimes if you're really keen to start out surfing in that particular area (even though GC has amazing beaches).
Plus there is SOOOO much bar work! there's one bar there that pretty much just employs travellers.

Byron's a beautiful place but it's a little holiday town without much work, the Gold Coast is much busier.

If you're really only deciding between byron, sydney or melb though (which it sounds like - I should stop suggesting the Gold Coast!! ) then sydney's your best bet.

melbourne is great with lots of work, but there's no surfing close to the city and it's cold in winter.

Sydney is warmer than melb, with great surf beaches. you'll find work easily, but the cost of living will be slightly higher.

Byron is a very small community (the town really only has 2 main streets!) so finding work could be a challenge. The beaches are worth it though - they're seriously beautiful, watego's beach is my favourite (google it for photos!). but, like danny said, if you base yourself in sydney you can always head up to byron bay later in your trip.

Of the options you gave, if both surfing and bar work are priorities, go to Sydney...