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Would anyone recommend I know this has been raised before but seriously looking into it but it is a lot of money if on a budget really but would be a great experience. Me and My girlfriend will be travelling next year and looking to gain the best experiences and this looks like a great project

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I think the conclusion the last time the subject came up is that the project is nearly indistinguishable from a scam, with the somewhat shady business past of the people running it casting even more of a shadow over it all.
I seem to remember them starting with barely 25% of the original target goal for the amount of members, too.

I personally would stay far, far away from them. There's no end of amazing experiences to be had in this world, and almost all of them are cheaper and less uncertain than this one, ergo money much better spent.

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I'm not sure the first responder is getting his facts right because if Tribewanted is a big hoax then I must be dreaming or something, because as far as I can remember we've been living on Vorovoro for 8 months, have built half a village, of which 100+ tribe members have visited and taken part in. Members have paid between £120 and £540 (depending on their length of stay and when they bought their membership) for what many have decribed as one of the best experiences of their lives.

But rather than me tell you how great it is, its probably best to listen to the people who've been to Vorovoro. Here are a few reports from the island from visiting members:

Peter Coe - "I've nerver felt so at home."

Walt Flood - "the island is twenty times more beautiful than i expected"

Adam Carter - "my time on Vorovoro was extraordinary."

+ media reports from Vorovoro >

National Geographic Cover Story

Observer Travel Cover Story

USA Today Travel Cover Story

Getting here:
We have a good deal with pacific sun ($323 FJD rtn nadi-labasa) for local flights. Best bet for getting to Fiji is round the world tickets with STA via nz/oz.

hope to see you guys out here soon

happy travels


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I can definitely attest that Tribe Wanted isn't a scam.

I was there 6 weeks ago and will return again, hopefully for much longer than last time. It is an amazing project and an amazing community, both online and on the island.

Bengazi has posted some fantastic links, but if you need more, go to and read all the press on it there. Tribe wanted is legitimate and Vorovoro is fantastic.



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I truly recommend Tribewanted to anyone who wants to meet new people, experience the chance of a lifetime and make friends that will last you forever. I haven't had the opportunity to visit the island yet. I will hopefully be going over next August before starting vet school. In the interim, I have been to gatherings in Wales, London, Birmingham, Liverpool, New York, Chicago and most recently Dublin for St. Patricks Day. I would never have thought that I would have the friends that I have today, or the experiences that I have had traveling with them. Tribewanted changed my life. I signed up for two weeks on the island. If for some reason, I'm not able to go because of school, or personal reasons, it will still be worth every cent I paid!!'s really not alot of money if you consider that you are on a private island & your meals are included. Where else can you get an opportunity like this?

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I read most of the old threads about Tribewanted and something that seemed to get lost in the info was the fact that after the 3 year lease, everything that is built stays on the island with the traditional tribe. There are no long-term foreign-ownership visions...the investment is made as much in the opportunity and experience that the South Pacific islands offer as the effort of a global group of people to co-operate with an indigenous tribe to build a long-term, sustainable, eco-tourism destination with as little adverse effect on the island, culture, and environment as we can possibly manage. I have only been a member for a few months, but I had been checking it out long before that and I have found nothing even remotely fishy about the endeavor. This isn't a new version of time-share scams, this is a unique project started by two everyday guys with an extraordinary vision. It wouldn't be possible without the amazing people there in Fiji and all over the world that make up the tribe. It's about building a sense of community and working together to leave a beneficial mark on the world for a change. Check out Ben's links, you'll find everything is backed up by factual information...hope to see you on Vorovoro someday!

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I can't help but laugh everytime I come across one of these, "Tribewanted is a scam" posts, because they are obviously written by someone who has absolutely no idea what they're talking about, and yet they feel the need to comment anyway. Having been to Vorovoro in January this year, I can endorse everything Ben has said, and really encourage everyone to have a look at the links he has posted. Personally, I'm more of a visual person, and I know reading isn't everyone's cup of tea, so here's some pictures and videos for anyone that is still skeptical.

Graeme, as you can see, Tribewanted is definitely real, and it is definitely a once in a lifetime experience for most people. It really is a place and an experience that words cannot do justice to, but I highly recommend you consider fitting a trip to Vorovoro somewhere into your travelling plans. You honestly will not regret it

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So if everything reverts back to the Chief after 3 years where does that leave the money that was invested?

Please Explain!!

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The fact that there are so many '1st time posters' pouring compliments on this site makes me just a bit suspicious.... Did you all just stumble accross travellerspoint at the same time??? Or are you the same person???

PS. I have idea who or what tribeswanted is.

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