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thank you! Finally - some people who have been there who are willing to talk rationally about it and not jump down peoples throats for asking questions. When people get all evangelical about something it tends to make people suspicous, i'm sure you can understand that.
I really was just taking umbridge with sunnydayz2's posts and comments about other travellers and his superiority complex. He was denouncing other people who go travelling for themselves but refused to admit that he was getting a nice holiday out of it.
And again - i never claimed it was a scam and actually wished you all good luck on it. He just got my back up a wee bit!
He also didn't seem to realise that his manner and approach did nothing to endear people to tribe wanted.
Anyway - i'm glad you all enjoyed it and, most imprtantly ;), can discuss it in a reasonable way.
Also i will be in Fiji later this year so you never know - i might decide to take a look for myself (thats if i haven't pissed too many of you off - again just that one poster who got on my nerves )

P.S. - sorry about the half wits comment - should have been singular, not plural.

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thats if i haven't pissed too many of you off

I think most of us have pretty thick skin nowadays :). In the past there has been a fair amount of internet talk about Tribewanted being a scam, and, as a member of Tribewanted who has visited Vorovoro, sometimes it's difficult to determine whether people are just pushing that same angle, or they simply need to have the whole concept explained in a little more detail. I really appreciate the clarification of your position in your previous post. I'm sure they'd love to have you on Vorovoro, so if you're anywhere nearby on your Fiji trip I would definitely consider it.

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Quoting ikey

The fact that there are so many '1st time posters' pouring compliments on this site makes me just a bit suspicious.... Did you all just stumble accross travellerspoint at the same time??? Or are you the same person???

My initial thought was the same thing, but I don't think all of them can be, because if you look at the various profiles the date they joined differs greatly. One would think that if it was the same person you'd think that even if they changed the names each time they joined, they would not be able to change the date that they joined. In one case it was 2 years ago that one first time poster joined and in other cases they joined the same day the reply was made.

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It's no coincidence that they are all posting about this just a few minutes apart-they are obviously all part of the same group and have emailed each other as soon as the thread appeared.

The common word for that kind of behaviour is shilling.

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Sadly we are not some team of forum ninjas ever monitoring the web and ready to pile in when one of spots a negative comment. Like travellerspoint, we have a forum and when Ben the founder noticed someone suggesting TW is a scam again, he asked if anyone would like to back him up by posting on this forum.

He didn't ask us to say anything specific or how to 'sell it' to the punters, though in retrospect it might have been better if had because some of the tribies got a bit heated!

Shilling would be where I was a business associate of Ben (or Ben himself), trying to talk up some lousy product. Well instead I am a fan and a pleased customer who is tired of people trashing something that I think many people would enjoy. And while I would love to be Ben sitting on a desert island in Fiji, I am actually Steve sitting in Clapham. I'm sure you can tell from my fantastic writing style that I didn't write all the other responses and we are all different people.

My only aim is for new people reading this to come away with a positive view of TW or at least the curiosity to look into it further. Have a good weekend everybody.

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Glad to see things calming down a bit! I think it is important to note how Ben (founder of tribewanted) asked us to come here and give some info to the original my opinion, much more credible than doing all the posting himself. Then I could see how it may look as though he is trying to "sell" something, being that he is the brainchild of the whole thing. But I think that is exactly why he asked for the tribes to post, so there wasn't an air of incredulity to it. Of course he is going to say it is wonderful. But by other actual members trying to quel the path of misinformation, maybe it wouldn't seem that way, after all, if it is a scam, we are all loving it.
This is a wholly new concept in tourism and it is difficult to get a feel for it from the available information on the web, I understand that...part of that is due to the fact that we don't always know all the's a growing project and doesn't have a totally predetermined outcome...that is what all the voting is about, we decide through the forum on how most things are handled. We can't tell anyone exactly what is going to happen after three years, except that it is completely up to Tui Mali what happens. Hell, we can't rightfully say exactly what is going to happen next month in some regards, a typhoon could come wipe everything out and everyone would be sleeping in hammocks again! It is my understading that the local tribe is interested in providing a long-term tourism destination, and I think the most any of us look at getting beyond the 3 year term is hopefully a paradise we helped develope that we can visit when we choose to travel in the future. But even with that there is no gaurantee. The memberships only go out as far as we have a lease on the island (3 yrs). So NOT having answers can often seem like "scamming", and that is why we have all come on to post, to help clear things up. We want people to know what it is all about, we just can't always offer the specific answers they are looking for. If that disturbs people, well, they don't join, but if you are up for the "process" and the unique experience that it offers, it is wholly damn cool!
George, if you are planning to travel to Fiji anyway, it is an even more economically viable option for you...the membership fee is way cheaper than any other week-long accomodations/meals/transfer holiday package. If you are interested in Fiji, I can't imagine a better way to experience it! Go help them build the treehouse we are working on plans for
cheers! Tiffany

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As anyone who has ever been to Fiji knows-Native Fijians do not organise themselves in 'tribes'-the term is foreign to them

See pic below for-as mentioned-21st century tribe 'o wankers

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I haven't been there, but I do know the Fijian term for what we westerners refer to as a tribe is Yavusa, but if we went on this forum talking about Yavusa's, hardly anyone would have a clue what we meant, right? That hardly makes anyone ignorant, just practical.

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Photo shoot, dude. Photo shoot. If you look through the Flickr accounts I posted links to a few pages back, I think you would understand this. As great as the article was from NGA, all media is fundamentally the same, in that they will almost always set up interesting/wierd pictures before they take normal ones. They want to grab people's attention, even if it is just to laugh at the picture.

Interestingly enough, James V, the author/photographer of the article, who works for National Geographic Adventure and has traveled across the globe many times over, has since used his own time and money to visit Vorovoro again later this year because he enjoyed his time so much the first time. For someone of his traveling experience, I think this is a pretty good indication of how much people like spending time on Vorovoro

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For anyone who might still be interested, here is an article from yesterday's Fiji Times.

Use your resource, chief urges

Thursday, April 05, 2007

A CHIEF from the northern division believes if indigenous communities help the expatriate community in projects that deal with resources, then villagers will reap the blessings.

Tui Mali of Macuata, Apenisa Bogisa made the comments at the England-based 'Tribe Wanted' group's one year anniversary celebration on Vorovoro Island on Tuesday.

"Since this group came to our island one year ago, the villagers and the school have benefited in many ways. We have a library and clean water supply from tanks provided by our visitors," Ratu Apenisa said.

"We have never regretted accepting them on the island to carry out their project and whenever we have a village soli, they are always there to help financially."

He said the group had employed more than 100 villagers and provided them with income that was helpful for their everyday needs.

"The villagers employed by the group are men and women and it has helped them pay school fees, bills, and basic necessities," Ratu Apenisa said.

He said over the past year the group had also learnt traditional customs including dress code.

"We have not had any problems with them when it comes to Fijian protocol because when they first arrived, we informed them about our protocol and they followed well ever since," Ratu Apenisa said.

Tribe Wanted founder Ben Keene said the purpose of the group's existence on the island was to experience the Fijian way of living.

"And that means everything from living in Fijian bure, eating the Fijian food, going out fishing with Fijian men, learning how to make a lovo, planting cassava and other root crops, cooking and baking in a Fijian oven," Mr Keene said.

"So far every member has enjoyed the life style and never wanted to return to their home countries."

The group had more than 1100 members and Mr Keene said a major part of their project was to help the community by directly assisting them whether it was financial or physical.

"Some of our members have helped out in schools teaching the students how to speak the French language."

Mali and Vorovoro are located off the coast of Macuata.