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Hi there,

I am new to this site and was looking for some advice. I have wanted to visit Australia\ New Zealand for a long time. So for our honeymoon, this October we have managed to get 5 weeks off work and are planning a round the world trip as we will in our current jobs probably not get this amount of time off again.

We are based in Dublin and plan to fly to Hong Kong on the way to Australia, take in New Zealand, then go to Tahiati\Hawaii and Canada on the the way back.

Are we mad to try to travel to visit all these places as well travel within Australia? How much realistically should to try to do in 5 weeks?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated,


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Well it seems a bit ambitious but doable depending on what you want to see in each place and what type of traveler you are. Australia you need to narrow down your choices to two or three places and just go there. The country is big you dont want waste time traveling around.
The same goes for NZ. I would say hit the southern part of the south island. This you can do for a week.

Tahitti would be fantastic as well. But you should decide what you want to do in Hawaii after. Hawaii is beautiful but you may be dissapointed after having gone to Tahitti. If you want to see the Volcanos and other unique aspects of Hawaii go for it.
Canada: again big country and you need to narrow it down

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I live in Brisbane, QLD Australia and agree you're probably being a bit ambitious! I have friends who've taken 6 month driving trips around Oz and could have taken longer, it takes a fair while to get around this big country of ours.... suggestions to look in to (I haven't done all these as I'm at the beginning of my travelling career):
- Queensland: place to go for beaches/island holiday (Western Australia is also good for beaches). I'm hoping to go sailing around the Whitsunday Islands next year, also 4WD holidays across to Fraser or Moreton Islands are popular (for us locals anyway). Go up to Cairns and snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef, or visit the Daintree rainforest. Gold coast is popular for tourists (and certainly cater for them) but beaches are much nicer up north. October is a pretty good time of year to be in QLD - before it gets too hot. If you're near Brisbane head up to the glasshouse mountains (not very tall!) to a bed and breakfast for a romantic weekend. If you're feeling active you can also do holidays out west - I think you can organise farm stays where you go mustering/jackerooing. Always sounded fun to me.
- Northern Territory: Kakadu National park, Uluru (Ayers rock)
- Sydney: opera house, bridge climb the harbour bridge (latest craze), kayak around the harbour for a day. I've spent more time on the northern coast of NSW than in sydney - Byron Bay is worth a visit, known along with Mullumbimby for its hippie community.
- Melbourne: The northerners head down to Melbourne to go shopping, also the start of the great ocean road trip across to Adelaide (popular trip - 12 apostles) and apparently a good place to eat out. Gets a lot colder down in Melbourne that up here in sunny QLD.
- Tasmania: I've never been but I'd love to do the cradle mountain walk. Tassie's supposedly quite picturesque, and is known for it cheeses.
- Adelaide: wine country but a lot of people say it's boring. I've never been (like a lot of Aussies born on the east coast, I've stuck to it!) and no plans to go. I'd like to go to Perth though - another winery region, wine tours are meant to be good!

My partner and I went to Queenstown in NZ last year (beginning of April) and loved it. We walked the Miford track, went jet boating/white-water rafting/horse riding in Glenorchy (Lord of the Rings country)/spent a bit of time tasting the boutique beers available in the pubs. We spent 10 days including 5 days on the track and felt like we had a decent holiday there. Certainly would go back if the opportunity arose.

Hope that helps a bit!

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Being on a honeymoon you're undoubtedly after some more romantic type things. In Australia you should defintiely head to the Whitsunday area because that has a lot of nice islands and a lot of things to do if you are up for water activities. You could spend months there it is so nice (you'd need to be rich for that though). With a lot of islands so close if you stayed at the islands instead of doing day trips, the maximum of two weeks you'd have would be quite a rush but a great time but if you could only do daytrips then two weeks would be plenty in my opinion. If your flight to Australia arrived in Brisbane, you could get another flight on Jetstar to Hamilton Island or alternatively you could just drive up to Airlie Beach area (near Shute Harbour where the boats leave to go to the islands). Accommodation on any of the islands is not at all cheap, so if you are on a budget minded honeymoon you may need to settle for staying in Airlie Beach and getting transport to Shute Harbour for the boats to the various islands and just do day trips to avoid the extremely expensive accommodation on the islands.

I haven't been to Tahiti but it is meant to be nice bus also expensive. and very nice. I think that a week is about the most you could spend there given that you still want to see Hawaii and Canada.

I went to both Oahu and the Big Island in Hawaii. Oahu would be good if you wanted to spend your time shopping and being a beach bum. The Big Island is great for seeing all the really nice nature, active volcano, but has very little in the way of nice beaches. I have heard that some of the other islands are much nicer for relaxing. A week Maximum would be able to be spent here.

In Canada I think it all depends if you want a relaxing time or are there to see some nature and if you have been all romanced and relaxed out by going to the other romantic places. I don't know many places that'd be good for relaxing in Canada, but I think if you want nature Vancouver has a lot of nice places both in and around to offer. I didn't go to Vancouver Island but that is meant to be pretty nice for nature. I know that the Rocky Mountains (a long bus trip from Vancouver) are very nice. I stayed in Banff and that was very nice and has one of the most upmarket hotels in the world. I also did a tour that took me to some of the nice surrounding places and did some hiking. I also went to Toronto, but for a honeymoon I don't think that is really a place that is worth going. If you did go there, you could take the trip to Niagara Falls which is alright, but the Vancouver area was nicer and had a better climate as well.

Have a great honeymoon and trip.

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