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In September 2007 my production company is producing an around the world documentary. It is intended to promote adventure tourism and show people what can be found when you venture, even just a little from the 'tourist trail'.
We will be travelling to over 30 countries in 56 weeks and will be travelling to all 7 continents. As you can appreciate this is a huge and exciting trip.
However although my production team and myself have all done extensive travelling around the world this is our first time to be producing films abroad. I have been a producer/director for many yearrs but only worked in the UK and I am unsure sure of the legalities and ettiquet for filming in foreign countries.
I would be most grateful for any assistance you may have on this matter.

Visit for more details on the Big Trip.

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All I can say is that what you guys are doing is brilliant. Pardon me if I live vicariously through's one of my (quite) long term goals in life! Anyway!!

I don't know links for shooting abroad - I'm not as interested in the producer's aspect of the whole thing. However, you can check out the Reel West wesbite - it's a a TV white pages basically, that comes out every year - they have information on where to get lighting, rentals, talent, make up, etc, etc. They also have some info on shooting - specific cities. It's not national, but it's something..and if nothing, there's a good chance you can get a link to who to call or where to ask about it.

The Quebec shooting guide I'm not familiar with, but I thought I'd tack it up, anyway. Maybe it'll help?

That's about all I can I said, I'm less familiar with the producer's side of things. I hope it helps at least some. Lots of luck on your big trip!! I hope it all works out!!


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Thanks Latarina I will check out those websites.