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A month in Austrlia...

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1. Posted by Mancunion (Full Member 128 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I am looking visit Australia in August. What could I do a month? I was thinking of starting in Cairns and making my way down to Sydney and then Melbourne.

I heard that there are many activites that one can do in Cairns...

I know people spend months and months here, but unfortunately I only have about a month to spend in the land of OZ.

Anyone have any tips, is this enough time??


2. Posted by hellopanda (Budding Member 26 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hi manc,

I think it really depends on how much time you want to spend in each place, and how you are planning to travel from point to point.

I know people will tell you that this is not really enough time to see Oz, (so I wont say the same!! ;)), but it's definitely long enough to choose a few places along the east coast - I'd advise deciding which places you really must see, and save the rest for later travels.

It sounds like you're keen to go to Cairns, and August is a great time for it - the temperature will be in the low to mid 20's (C) and there wont be much rain (unlike our summer when it pours down!).

Sydney is quite cold in August, and Melbourne is just plain freezing, so make sure you pack some warm clothes too, if you end up going there.

With a month, and the places you mentioned, if you were to spend a week in cairns, you could then fly to, say, Brisbane, spend another week seeing Brisbane, the Gold Coast or Byron Bay, (doing maybe trips up to Fraser Island etc), then Sydney for a week, then to Melbourne for a week (including a trip down the Great Ocean Road!).

I dont know what your budget is like, but if you do it this way, to mazimise your time you should fly between some places... particularly from sydney to melbourne as there isn't really that much to see along the way.

Bear in mind that if you try to do the whole east coast without flying, travelling time on buses/trains will eat up HUGE chunks of your time. (for example, sydney to brisbane by car takes 9 to 11 hours depending on stops etc... and Cairns to Brisbane is a ridiculously long way, I've never done it by car but by plane it takes 2 - 2.5 hours - to put that into context, that's how long the flight from Bris to Melb is, and I've done that drive many a time and it takes about 22 hours in the car!).

The alternative may be to spend your month just doing the Queensland east coast, so arriving in Cairns and then heading down to the Whitsundays, Hervey Bay and Fraser Island, the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Byron Bay.
This is quite a long way so if you wanted to visit these places along the way it would use up the whole month, and you'd need to save Sydney and Melbourne for another time... (or maybe choose one and fly there right at the end, spending a few days there before flying home?)

Hope this sheds some light on it -sorry if my loooong reply has just confused you even more!

3. Posted by Mancunion (Full Member 128 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Heyy HP, thanks for the advice, it was great to hear and I appreciate it... and no, your 'looong' reply has not confised me but has helped me! it helped me indeed.

I was thinking of just visiting the east cost this time and leavign the rest for another time maybe.

The reason why I Wanted to go to Cairns was because I had a freind who was there a couple of years ago and said great things about it and I have heard that there are many acitivites that one can do there, eg Great barrier reef and other 'extreme' sports. Then Sydeny I think is also vital to see.

Maybe I could go and watch some Rugby too while I am in OZ, Brisbane Broncos!!

I believe you were looking to travel to Europe...When in the UK if you need any tips with MAnchester give me a shout :)

4. Posted by hellopanda (Budding Member 26 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Rugby?? If you come to Australia, you have to watch a game of Aussie Rules! Brisbane Lions!!