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1. Posted by lanchutt (Inactive 58 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hi guys,

I am planning a month long trip to NZ later in the year. I was just wondering what the best way to get around the islands is? Does anybody know if I could pick up a cheap travel pass for coaches or trains (like a Eurorail or Greyhound ticket).

Any help would be really appreciated, as cheap as possible!

Many thanks for any advice!


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Hi Claire,

You can get a bus pass for greyhound but your best bet is to get a pass with either magic bus or stray which are backpacker buses and are good value. they are more convenient than the greyhound because they stop at places along the way and will drop you off and pick you up at hostels. also its a really good way to meet people. i used magic for the north island and stray for the south and i had a great time on both. stray tend to get more off the beaten track then magic. Kiwi experience is also an option if you want more of a party bus. hope this helps - send me a personal message if you need some more info.

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I traveled along through NZ last November, and used probably every kind of transport possible. I would definitely recommend the Tranz railroads - they are BEAUTIFUL. I took all the trains. The TranzAlpine is a great one that goes across the South Island, and the TranzCoastal goes up the Eastern Coast of the South Island. Both very beautiful.

Also, a great bus company that is super cheap is called the Naked Bus (don't real nudity), and you can book tickets on their web site. Super cheap and easy, a small bus so its also a good place to meet people.

Another option which was my favorite was renting a car. I drove quite a bit (and don't be afraid of driving on the other side if you're used to the right side). It's such a great way of seeing the country and stopping when you want to. It can get pricey, but if you have more than one person or do a little research you can find okay deals.

Hope that helps! Have fun - NZ is fabulous.


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The main regular (non-tour)buses that go all over the country (InterCity/Newmans) have two kind of passes that can save you quite a bit of money: TravelPass for if you travel a few long days (this also has a more expensive option which includes train journeys) and flexipass for if you travel many short days.
However, if you book far enough in advance there's also a limited supply of "super-saver" fares, which cost only 50% of a regular ticket and are thus even cheaper than the passes (and now there's even some rare "extreme saver" fares on some routes for a flat fare of $10). Would be a good option if you know your route far enough in advance, and with great enough certainty. Just don't rely on their availability.