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11. Posted by BobFrassinetti (Budding Member 64 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

For me the "train" journey was on La trochita, the Patagonoa Express leaving from Esquel, Argentina.

An image is worth more than a thousand words…


This is part of the story of an amazing journey thru the South of the South. In and around the Patagonia of Argentina and Chile, the Big Island of Chiloe and the famous Route 40 and we’ve discovered and documented these wonderful journeys.

This time we’ve head south to travel in one of the World’s Oldest Working trains: La Trochita. This Steam Engine Train that dates back from 1922, and runs thru the Argentine Patagonian Lands.

It has been a lifetime journey, and I thought I’d document it since it’s quite an experience. Taking upon the challenge of the new technologies our world has to offer at this moment I created this short video with the aid of my PC Sony Ericson iP990, quite an accomplishment considering it's seize. It’s been filmed “al natural”, in real time, hand cam and the beauty of nature to delight us…

The music is by Julian Rodriguez a talented young Musician who recently graduated from

CAEMSA Center of High Musical Studies which is linked to the famous Berklee College of Music in academic terms. Julian specially created the music to suit this short documentary.

Bob Frassinetti, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

12. Posted by cheekyvee (Budding Member 49 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Hi there,

My husband and I are now almost 2 months into our RTW trip!

We are thinking of taking this particular train and have a few questions.

- Is the train running again?
- Does it run from Angofasta, we were thinking of taking the train from Chilie to Salta.
- All the stuff we have read seems to suggest it just runs one way from Salta, is this correct?

Thanks for your help!


13. Posted by ericurly (Budding Member 2 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Quoting bentivogli

What I can really recommend, though, is the Ecuadorian nariz del diablo train ride from Riobamba to ... I forgot. It's cheap, beautiful scenery, and for some reason a lot less touristy than the Tren a las Nubes.

Hi, i'd just like to say that we recently did the Nariz del diablo train ride in ecuador and were massivley disappointed with it. we had read about it in the Lonely Planet, and had been told that it was a steam train, and that you could ride on the roof all the way from Riobamba to Sibambe (spelling?). We got to Riobamba and found that it was only running from Alausi to Sibambe, so we had to get up for the 6am bus to get to Alausi. when we got there they couldnt fit everyone onto the 8am train, so we had to wait around until 9.30am.

then we saw the train - it wasnt a steam train, it was more like a bus on train tracks, one carriage only, which only ran just to the bottom of the steep descent and then back again! and even though we had been up since 5 to get this train and make sure we had the best seats, we had to give up our seats on the roof for the return journey so those who arrived last could have them, which several people decided to have an argument about!

although there's no denying that the track is technically very clever etc, and there's some nice scenery, i would recommend other travellers not to bother! riding the roof was fun but only lasted 45 mins, and sitting inside the carriage just felt like sitting in a bus! not worth the money or time!

sorry to rain on anyone's parade i just dont want anyone else to be disappointed!

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