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1. Posted by NuttyNurse (Budding Member 3 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hi - I am sure this question ha been asked many a time but have had a quick look on threads and couldnt find any answers so am hoping people can help me out here!

Me and hubby are looking at a 3 -4 week holiday in Jan 08 over to Australia, We are wanting to have a look at the "real oz" with a view to fact finding and get a feel for the country as we may well look at moving in the future. Now i know 3/4 weeks is no where near long enough to see it all - hence this post

Where would people suggest starting and travelling onto? Also any suggestions on accom? self catering would be fine as we will be out and about exploring rather than having meals in a hotel and lying on a beach. Although i wouldnt mind a few days on a beach relaxing at some point during the trip.

Thanks guys!

I am a Mental Health Nurse so would love to know about the mental health provisions in oz too if anyone can help out?

2. Posted by KoalaGirl (Travel Guru 307 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!


I work in Human Resources within the Victorian Health System here in Melbourne. I've assisted many nurses to immigrate to Australia and am quite familiar with visa/immigration options for qualified nurses. If you have any particular questions relating to nursing here in Australia, don't hesitate to drop me a line.


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Okay well I think having KoalaGirl prospect for you for jobs is great idea. As far as where to start and to look depends very much on what sort of situation you will be in if you decide to move here. By that I mean how much capital will you have in the bank..do you intend to buy a home or rent etc. Housing has gone through a real boom in the last few years in every State but then again your pound against our dollar is much better. It also depends on the type of lifestyle you want to lead. Sydney can be very hectic, takes a while to get to and from work but is very cosmopolitan and regarded by many as Australia's premier capital city not only for its beauty but there is so much to do. Brisbane in Queensland is cheaper to live and one of the best places for cheaper taxes. It is also warmer than the other States and many Australians are moving to the warmth. Melbourne is second to Sydney in size and is regarded by many as the best shopping capital. Not quite as frantic getting to and from work and housing a bit cheaper. Adelaide in South Australia is where a lot of English people move because it is cheap compared to everywhere else except Tasmania. Weather is okay and some wonderful restaurants, Perth is the remote capital city in Western Australia. Lovely place, lovely people but now become the boom real estate capital of Australia plus WA people tend to feel isolated from the rest of Australia. Tasmania is the island of the mainland. Is a step back in time in a lot of ways. Not big populations at all in the main, countryside often said to look like England and it is cheap. It is by far the coldest of the States. In January it is going to be very hot everywhere except perhaps Tasmania. You don't have to live in a capital city of course. If you go to www.realestate.com.au you can look at will at prices of homes just about anywhere. Just click on a State on the map of Australia, pick a place that comes up on the menu and have a look. My guess would be to try either South Australia or Queensland at this time.

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Both Koalgirl and Buckra have given good advice. I do not think there is anywhere in Oz which wouldn't jump at the chance of employing a qualified mental nurse. Are you looking for a large city environment, coastal area (beaches), regional or quite rural? You did not say what hubby does, because that may change our advice. Do you have children - schooling to be considered?

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I'm not an Aussie, so my advice can't rival that given above. But although time is short, don't ignore the beaches altogether, as they are one of Australia's greatest assets. We travelled home via Hawaii and got to the 'legendary' Waikiki beach and thought, "Is that it?".
Plus the beach/leisure lifestyle is a big part of a lot of Australian lives, so getting a feel for it will help you understand your new neighbours!

And don't drive past Noosa without stopping if you go to Queensland. Lovely place.

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Thanks Guys, To answer some of the questions, Hubby works in IT. He also has Bar mangement experience, Call centre / Customer services experince etc.
We are currently rent in the UK but do have capital else where, so not sure if we would rent or buy - its all still a bit of a pipe dream until we go over and look about etc!
No Kids so thats not a problem (just 3 cats!)
We currently live in a Lincolnshire market town, not far from the big towns and the city but far enough - the town we live is not as back-waterish as many of the lincolnshire towns, its got supermarket, night club, pubs bars and good shops but 2 mins from the wilds of the lincolnshire wolds and beautiful scenery - and only 15mins from the coast!
I like the sound of beach living, the lincolnshire coast is nothing compared to the ozzy one by the sounds of it!
The whole point of the 3 - 4 week trip is just to get a feel of ozzy life and meet the people!:)

7. Posted by NuttyNurse (Budding Member 3 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Thanks for the advice again everyone - another question now - where is the best airport to fly into?

8. Posted by hellomaya (Budding Member 26 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hi Hi!

My dearest Daddy is a Mental Health Nurse in Tasmania. If there's anything you want to ask he'll be happy to help. I'm messaging you his addy.

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Why not start with Melbourne as KoalaGirl may be able to help with employment! and IT work should be readily available for hubby. There are plenty of bayside beaches, mountains and large regional towns if you prefer a rural location.
Geelong is a small city which is the gateway to the Great Ocean Road and many popular ocean beaches, it also has it's own bayside beaches and a relaxed atmosphere and, only 1 hour to Melbourne which is a cosmopolitan city that is easy to get around. It was voted the most liveable city in the world recently as well as having the most popular mayor.

January is mid summer and a good time to visit any of the Southern States such as Tasmania, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

Good luck