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Some friends and i are travelling to Buenos Aires in Oct. We had planned on travelling to Rio (via iguassu falls) and spending a month there for Xmas and New Years. We then plan to travel (somehow) to columbia and treck down through Peru, Bolivia and finally Chile over a 5 month period before heading onto OZ

My questions are as follows

1. We will be arriving in Arg at the start of Oct. Is it possible to get down to patagonia and back at some stage before xmas and still see a good bit of arg before xmas?

2. Rio seems to be way to expensive over xmas. Is there any other resorts up the coast that are cheaper, less commercial but as good an atmosphere? (we are looking for a nice sea view house/apartment for xmas as we will be living like bums for the rest of the holiday).

3. As we have a lot of land to cover would it be better to start making our way towards columbia asap? How long does it take over land?

4. (follow on from the last q) - Is it possible to travel up the coast of brazil and get a boat up the negro river to manaus then fly to columbia? Or is there any more interesting ways of getting there.

4. I have read other threads about visas and it seems like they are unnecessary. However, we were told that BA may not allow us on the flight if we dont have an outward one from arg. Is there any truth to this?

5. As an Irish citizen i believe that we will not be allowed into columbia without a visa. Does anyone know how much this is or how i go about applying for one? We have mailed the embassy but havent received a reply.

6. Finally, we were advised to bring around 250 euros for each week (thats everything included). Will it be enough?

Thanks for any helpful replies in advance...

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To start with your last question, if those 250 euros are meant to cover the cost of transport as well, you're probably on a VERY tight budget; most people consider 60-70 a day to be feasible, including transport.

Wrt 4 and 5, I think you're confusing visa and the requirement to have proof of onward journey. The latter poses a problem occasionally, although that's increasingly rare. I don't know about visa requirements for Irish nationals; your ministry of foreign affairs should have a website containing the necessary info.

Wrt itinerary, I don't get how much time in total you have; 5 months to get from Buenos Aires to Santiago via Colombia, and an additional 3 that you plan to spend in Argentina before that? If so, you have a lot of time on your hands, which you divide rather unevenly. In 3 months, you can see a fair bit of Argentina; in fact less would do to cover the most interesting parts. At any rate, you can easily make it down to Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, and possibly include the lake district, too; here's a suggestion for an itinerary (only a rough sketch; you should consider making little detours):

Buenos Aires - Cordoba - Salta - Tucuman - La Rioja - San Juan - Mendoza - Bariloche (via ruta 40, i.e. via San Rafael) - El Bolsón - Esquel - El Calafate (via ruta 40; should be possible) - El Chaltén - Rio Gallegos - Ushuaia - Comodoro Rivadavia - Pto Madryn - Buenos Aires.

Visiting Tierra del Fuego inevitably entails some backtracking; however, this route should be doable in 10 weeks time (assuming you want to spend 2 in BsAs) without hurrying. All overland, of course.

I wouldn't know about resorts near Rio. As to the Rio - Bogota bit, I'd say it would take you probably two, maybe three weeks of straight travelling, but I fear that the stretch between Manaus and Colombia will be very difficult; there are no roads linking Colombia and Brazil directly, so either you have to go via Venezuela, or, if such a thing exists, take a boat upstream Rio Negro (or Rio Orinoco) from Manaus to Puerto Carreno.

If there's anything else, post back further questions. Sounds like a pretty interesting trip!


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Thanks for your advice, i was probably a bit unclear there...

In total we only have 5 months. Starting in BA (in Oct) and flying onwards to Oz from Santiago. Want to spend Xmas and NY somewhere on the east coast and then make our way to chile via columbia. If we didnt leave Brazil until just after New Years would we be able to fit in Col, Bol and Peru in a 2 month period?

Since we are on a tight schedule wud patagonia be totally out of the question? Seems like we would be covering the same land to come back.

How expensive are flights from Brazil to Columbia?

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Why not skip Colombia, and travel the Amazon (Manaus-Iquitos-Pucallpa-on by bus)? That is much easier; travelling from Colombia to Peru directly overland will be impossible anyway, as again there are no roads on that stretch...

You don't need to backtrack if you want to visit Patagonia; have a look at a map, roundtrips are possible (for instance Bariloche-El Bolsón-Esquel-El Calafate-Gallegos-Comodoro-back up).

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Thanks again...

Will have to look into what each place has to offer. I have of them footprint books which iv only flicked through and ill look up them place names you gave me..

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in relation to the 1st post can anyone suggest any other areas that would be nice to spend xmas and NY? Possibly somewhere towards the north of Brazil on the coast?

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No more need for Visas for the Irish.

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nice1, found out they had lifted that rule at the start of this year..

can anyone answer the above q bout NY?