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i know this has probably been asked loads of times but i am a bit confused by responses!

i am flying out to melbourne on the 14th april for 3 weeks then down to sydney for ozintro for 1 week on 7th may. i am stayin with my aunt so accomodation money isnt a problem,

how much does it cost to live per week generally in oz? i am not planning on any big activities at the beginning of my trip but i am going out on a budget! i will be wanting to find work straight away but incase thats not possible i want to know how much i am going to need!

and people who have been on ozintro how much did u spend on ur week?

any advice on jobs or money will be gladly appreciated! as time is running out pretty quick for me


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I spent on average of £300 per week during my 3 months in australia - staying in hostels and cooking my own food, but also doing loads of activities. that figure also factors in transport throughout the 3 months. as you are staying with your auntie you will obviously be able to do it a lot cheaper than this. hope this helps a little. :)

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hi there!!
i lived in oz for 12 month and living costs per week varied from place to place!!
my longest stay was in sydney and i was working, living in a 6 shared apartment which made things cheaper!!
i wouldnt wanna give u an amount incase i was totally wrong, but it is easy to budget!!
if your gonna be living with ur aunt, u dont need to worry about accommodation costs and im guessing you wont have to worry about food costs too much??
any money u spend is gonna be on having fun and activities!!
i dont think u have too much to worry about!!

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im guessing in melbourne youll be staying in a hostel? if so you can probably get weekly rates for about $120 - $150.
if ur not gonna be spending too much money on activities, then thatll be ur biggest expense. if u cook for urself then food isnt really expensive inb oz, especially if u go to the bigger supermarkets at around 7pm they take down the prices on meats and stuff that are meant to be sold that day and u can enjoy a great meal for real cheap!
if ur in sydney for a week id recommend u buy a weekly ticket for the public transport. its $32 (unless the prices have gone up since i was there 2 years ago) and its good for busses, trains and ferries and gets u to all the main touristy places. but it all depends were ur aunt lives... cos if its far from thecity area, itll be more expensive.

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When I lived in Brisbane I spent about $70 AU on food per week. I think supermarket prices are pretty much standard in the major cities so Sydney and Melbourne should be about the same (?). You could definitely spend less than that, but I don't know how much to tell you. Depends if you're a real bargain shark... and how many macaroni cheese/microwaved potato dinners you can stomach! Maybe as little as $30-40 if you were really desperate.

I agree w Yaara, reduced supermarket meat is a good way to save. Also check out farmers markets for incredibly cheap fruit and veg.

Buying a weekly transport ticket will save you heaps.

Don't really know what else to tell you cause I've never been a backpacker in oz. Anything specific you want to know?

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If you're looking to save money on food - check out the local produce markets. In Melbourne, Vic Market is not only a tourist attraction, but also very popular with us locals to buy cheap, fresh fruit/vegies, meat, cheese etc...

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