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which city is better for summer staying valencia or malaga?

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In my opinion DEFINITELY Malaga - lovely beaches, fascinating architecture/museums and great/low cost dining + bars.

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Even though I'm from Valencia, I must say that Malaga can be the best choice, and it's relatively close to amazing places like Granada (Alhambra palace), Seville, and Cadiz (nice beach parties)... But I think that summer is too warm there, and Malaga will be crowded with thousands of tourists. The Valencia Community has a lot to see, Valencia is plenty of culture and nice nightlife, there are a lot of beaches and beautiful Mediterranean towns like Javea or Altea. Castellón (where I live) is less known but it's good because of that. It's cooler, beaches are less crowded, cheaper, it's one hour by train from Valencia and two and a half from Barcelona. There are nice places like Banicassim (the FIB, great festival in July) Alcossebre (nice and solitary rock beaches for scuba diving) Penyiscola (beautiful castle in the sea). Check out these web sites:

Have a good time.

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Hey I Was in MAlaga last summer and I had an amazing time!!

Try and visit during the time the festival (La Feria) takes place, it was unbelievable... I Think it occurs towards the end of August. The weather there was hot, but bearable an Iam from the UK, whrere we get little sun!!

The other places mentioned, Alhambra etc are great, definitely worth a visit...

So I would say Malaga out of the two...

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As always, the choice depends on what you want and wnat you consider "best". Málaga is more overtly tourist-orientated, especially for Brits and other northern-Europeans. Valencia is a bigger and more industrial city but there is a good coastline and also the hills and mountain just inland are good for walking or any sort of appreciation of nature.

Remember that this year the America's Cup is in Valencia from now to July, so it will be busier and probably more expensive than normal.

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I like Valencia very much and I would love to visit this interesting city once again. It is one of my favorit places in Spain. But it all depend what do you like. I think it would be the best if you have opportunity to visit both of the places

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Wherever you go, the best beaches or coastal landscape can be found outside the cities. If in Málaga try to have a look at Benalmádena, Mijas, Marbella or Antequera & Ronda (inland).

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As it has already been said, the best city depends on what you want to do or see.

Málaga is maybe the most touristic-oriented area of Spain, what that it means? Plenty of britons, cheap accomodation, beautiful beaches and a "touristic" nightlife. But Málaga as city has absolutely nothing interesting to see, it's right that not too far away there are wonderful monuments as La Alhambra or la Mezquita de Córdoba (Mosque), but Málaga isn't beautiful at all.

Valencia, on the other side, is also touristic-oriented but it's aimed at people with a higher cultural and, why not saying it?, economic standard. It offers museums, monuments and whole districts that are worth the visit. Moreover the nightlife is also great and more "spanish". The beaches are gorgeus and the weather much more bearable than in Andalucía.

The big CON the America's Cup, if you visit concide with this event it will be impossible to find a cheap accomodation in the city or close to it.

So... it's up to you!

Enjoy your stay here never mind where you go.


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