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I am travelling to Europe in July and i will be staying there for 3 months. My friends and i were planning on purchasing a Eurail global pass for this time as i had heard that the eurail global pass would be the best way to travel in europe. I have been told its as easy as showing up at the station and jumping onto the first available train heading towards your destination. but i have also been hearing that its not as great as it is made out to be. Ive heard there are extra charges on top of the initial fee you pay for the pass.

Now, are those extra charges only for seat reservations, or are they for every train ride you take? Do seats always need to be reserved or are there just certain times of the day that reservations will be necessary in order to catch that train.

if anyone can give me any info on this it would be greatly appreciated because Im beginning to wonder if a Eurail pass is worth it or if there are better/cheaper/more efficient ways to travel for my 3 month stay...?

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Hello Bigry

Yes, there are cheaper and more efficient ways to travel. However, to use these u would have to book tickets, a few months in advance. There are often special offer train and plane tickets. If u are flexible about where u want to go, and plan in advance, this is the cheapest way. If u live outside Europe, I dont think u can book the train tickets, on the internet. However, I think it would be possible for u, to book the flights.

Eurail tickets as far as I know, only cover some trains. If u get fast trains, u would have to pay a surcharge. I dont think the Eurail covers seat reservations or sleepers either. However, I am not certain what it covers, so the best thing would be to check on


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Hi there Bigry,

I've been trying to do a lot of research on the Eurail passes too and it seems that if you want to go on a high speed train, you're gonna have to book in advance and spend a bit more money (look at the cost without ticking the 'I have a pass box' - in some cases it makes the pass seems very worthwhile). Having said that, a lot of the regional trains sound like they're the turn up and get on type that wouldn't cost any extra or very little.

I found this website really helpful and its got a lot of links to all things rail.....

Hope this helps!!

Rena ;)

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Its a 3 euro seat reservation for a day trip and 17 euro for a bed overnight. most of the time i turned up on the day but sometimes the trains were full so its best to book 3 days ahead


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I leave on Thursday for a tour of Western Europe and will be using a 21 day EuRail Global Pass. I found it to be the cheapest and flexible of all the options available to me, but there are hidden charges.

The EuRail Pass gets you on the does not neccessarily get you a seat. When you get on the train (with no reservation) simply find a seat on the car that is going to your location. If that seat is reserved you will have to move when the person arrives. If that seat isn't reserved for any of the legs to your are welcome to sit there. I ended up reserving as many legs of my trip as I could as I talked to a family of four who ended up standing in the aisleway for ten hours as there were no seats available even though they had a global pass type of rail pass. The reservation charges vary depending on number of legs and length of trip and in some cases (ie London to Brussels or Paris to London) are required to simply board the train. I used to book the reservations as they give prices both with and without a rail pass.

Anouther tip is to have a local travel agent purchase the travel pass for you. Other than using RailEurope website that I mentioned, you can not book EuRail reservations from North America as an ordinary person. While not indicated on the map, the EuRail Help desk told me my Global Pass also covers me for travel from London to Brussels...that I will have to see for sure when I arrive there on Thursday.

Hope this helped and enjoy your trip