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1. Posted by frsydtke (Budding Member 36 posts) 17y Star this if you like it!


Can any one help with this please?

I have paid a deposit to travel 6 months over africa with Overland Club. Has any one used this company or can offer any knowledge.

Have seen some very bad reports on the web and now worried this company is just taking the profit from its travellers?

Thanks in advance for any help!

2. Posted by baluba (Respected Member 407 posts) 17y Star this if you like it!

Oh my goodness, I hardly know where to start!!!
I have just completed the Cairo to Cape with Oasis who were brilliant. Following us was an Overland club truck. Now, I dont want to scare you but...
We had to drag them out of sand iseveral times in the Sudanese desert as their sandmats were totally inefficient.
Vehicle broke down on several occasions.
They had no guide as such, just the drivers girlfriend. Who both left them high and dry on the ferry at Wadi after stashing a whole load of illegal alcohol aboard the truck.
Driver then left as he was not getting paid, leaving his passengers in Nairobi.
2nd driver was arrested by interpol for taking drugs and possibly stealing money as he was not getting paid.
In Rwanda they were made to take a minibus to see the gorillas. The driver rolled the bus, killing a small child. One pax having to be airlifted to Germany owing to his injuries. The driver then had to be smuggled out of the country to prevent him being murdered by the villagers.
The saga continued. Suprisingly they made it to Capetown on time but they missed a lot.
Drivers from other overland companies confirmed that they were the worst and expect them to go bust any time soon.
My own advise to you would be to cancel, lose the deposit and book with Oasis or Dragoman or someone really reputable.
Unless of course you want a journal the size of encyclopedia britannica and have a huge sense of adventure!!!
Whatever you do, good luck and most of all, enjoy it. It will never be plain sailing, but thats all part of the fun!
If you are still really not sure. PM me your email address and I shall get one of the OC pasengers to email you with his own view!
Any other info or advice, I would be happy to oblige.
One thing though...6 months... you sure????

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I have to agree with the above post, cancel and lose the deposit, i am also an ex passenger..

This website is all abot overland club...


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It makes me laugh that people who have not travelled with Overland Club have a lot to say, and also a lot against them!

I travelled with them at the start of the year & could not fault them at all.

At the end of the day everyone has there own experiences/stories, and you should make the most of your trip, especially as its a once in a life time experience that has in my case taken years of planning & saving!!!

Rather than bad mouth a company who you have not travelled with, contact them and ask them if you have any concerns, I did and they were very open, they even asked me if I wanted to visit (which I declined due to GNER prices!!)...

Don't believe hear say!!!

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Hi Frsydtke,

I travelled with overland club and had the most amazing time. I had my concerns about overland club as i heard horrible stories about them and thought to myself it was a once in a life time trip and to make the most of it (so i definitely agree with Woostar)! The tour leaders really look after you!


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I was on the 4 month Overland Club Cairo-Cape trek that baluba was talking about and they represented our plight accurately. They were effectually traveling with Ooverland club for a month since our trucks traveled together for a while with the exception that their Oasis crew were professional, their equipment was in working condition and did not need to be constantly salvaged, and their truck was capable of covering the entire journey while none of those things applied to our Overland Club situation. They also stayed at nicer and better camps when we were mirroring the same route and we met up with them in nearly every country.

I agree with Komals and Woostar about making the most of your trip, in fact I spent aver 45 days off of our truck and several thousand dollars extra money making the most of the trip for myself and that was just simply to follow the itinerary since our truck and driver situations were so insecure that everyone else missed so very much out of what they had signed on for. I totally agree that overlanding is an adventure but there needs to be a minimum level of expectations when you purchase an itinerary and a company to travel with. The only way I could lower my expectations to the level of what I received with Overland Club and the 2 trucks and 5 drivers that we were stuck with would be to expect to be hitchhiking the entire 4 months.

I would expect that there are some short trips with Overland Club with a driver/tour leader that is local enough that they know how to make the most of the trip for the passengers but I would never ever recommend them for any trip of much more than 2 weeks.