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I have just spend the last five months travelling India, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and am now in Vietnam. Throughout the whole time (bar Thailand) I have been on anti-malarial tablets (different ones for India and SE Asia though). I have spoken to loads of travellers who arent taking any tablets at all for Malaria, and actually advised me that being on tablets for such a long time is probably doing more harm than good.

So... I donated all my Doxycyclines to a clinic in Pnomh Penh and am now not taking anything. Was this a wise move? I'm probably doing only the coast of Vietnam and Sapa in the North, and I've researched it a bit and there's low risk in all the major towns.

I'm just a bit paranoid now... should I have kept on taking them? People have said that even if I do get Malaria they cant use the same treatment for it anyway so I'd still have to take more tablets. Confused

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Hi Becky, we have just returned from THailand, Cambodia and Vietnam and did not take any malaria tablets at all. Just plenty of mosquito repellent and wearing long sleeves and long trousers/skirts in the evening. Did not see any mossies in Vietnam but we only stayed in the south, Saigon,Mui Ne,Dalat and Nha Trang dont know about further north, although the weather is not as warm, so mossies should not be there. Good luck stokesy

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Becky-My advice, and that of any knowledgable travel physician is definitely to take anti-malarials in Vietnam. There absolutely is malaria in Vietnam; according to the CDC the risk areas include rural areas, except no risk in the Red River Delta and the coastal plains north of Nha Trang. No risk in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Da Nang, Nha Trang, Qui Nhon, and Haiphong.
I was in Vietnam a couple months ago and did take doxycycine for almost 4 months- particularly if you have been on it and tolerated it, there is NO reason to stop. There is no actual limit in how lng you can take them. True, many travelers do not take prophylaxis, but they are taking a chance-something i do not recommend...
email me if yu have questions.

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Hi everyone,

I'm Loannie, live in Hanoi. I sure that Sapa is not risk or dangerous. The peopel in Sapa very freidnly but it's better if you go with locals because the sellers can sell something to you with high prices ^__^;)

I've ever come to Sapa two times, and this summer, hopefully I'll able to take another journey from Hanoi to there. And you think I'm crazy when I just only desire tocome to Sapa by bicycle?


Best luck

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