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Hello All,

I have been perusing the forums on Schengen visas and find the information very helpful. I have a few questions about Schengen travel and hope that someone can answer it for me...

I arrived in France on 25 Nov 2006, and overstayed my 90-day allowance by 19 days. This was outside my control, because I was waiting for the US embassy to reissue me a new passport to replace my damaged one. Leaving France, I was not stopped for overstaying. I am now back in the US, trying to return to France as soon as possible.

From my calculations, the 180-day period ends on May 24. So does this mean that I can return to France on May 24 for another 90 days? What about my overstay? Could I be denied entrance because of that, even if they didn't catch me on the way out?

Here's the tricky part: Because I have a new passport, I only have the stamp from when I left France, and not for when I entered on 25 Nov 2006. I have my old passport with the stamp from 25 Nov 2006, but it also has the other stamps to prove that I overstayed. Its a Catch-22 situation: my old passport will prove that I am starting a new 180-day period, but also proves that I overstayed. What to do?

One last related question: I remembered that the French authorities scanned my passport on the way into France. Now I have a new passport with a different number. I am wondering that even if they scan my new passport, could they match me up with my old passport? Would they go to such lengths? Am I stressing too much about all of this? I don't want to do anything illegal--I just want to return to France!

I hope someone can help me, or at least share some similar experiences. Thanks so much in advance.

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I wish I could help. I am also trying to find out if you overstay your visa what happens when you leave going through Schipol Amsterdam. Can any one help>

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Schengen is pretty well-organised; as far as I know, they keep track of everyone that enters and leaves, and do so in a way which is independent of your passport number. So, no matter whether it shows or not, you are probably recognised as an overstayer on your next reentry. Whether that is a problem or not, esp. in your case where there were circumstances beyond your control, I wouldn't know; you may want to inquire in advance with the consulate of the country of first entry during your next trip. If it ís a problem, it can most probably be resolved somehow. At any rate I wouldn't try just taking your chances; admission policy is enforced rather strictly.