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Hey all! I just got back to Canada from my Australia trip last month (oh how I miss it ... there's still snow here!). I was on a WHV and worked at a couple different places during my trip, so of course I made sure I filed a tax return with the Australian Tax Office (through the company TravellersXpress) as I knew I'd be getting a refund. I filed the return with said company over 6 weeks ago and still haven't received said refund, but that's not what I'm concerned about (though maybe I should be? lol!). My question is whether or not I have to claim the money I made in Australia on my taxes here in Canada? I know it's a long shot and a strange question to boot, but I'm not sure if I'm supposed to or even HOW I'd go about doing that. The date which tax returns need to be filed is looming closer and I really have no idea how to go about it. Any advice or past experiences would be greatly appreciated ... even if you aren't from Canada! Thanks in advance all, and happy travels!


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if its anything like our system in Aus. i'm pretty sure you are supposed to although i think your chances of getting caught would be non existent

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(Unfamiliar with Canadian Taxation Law), however.....

There exists an agreement between over 180 countries regarding 'double taxation'.

Australia and Canada are part of that agreement. Basically part of that agreement states that it is unconstitutional to 'double' tax a citizen. So if you have paid tax in Australia, then you will receive a credit for this in Canada. You are still required to declare ALL FOREIGN INCOME. This foreign income (so long as tax was paid on it) will be exempt from taxation. So definately declare it, and you will definately not be taxed on it (if tax has been paid in Australia). This is a complicated area and if you are not confident at filing the paperwork I would suggest speaking to a registered tax agent. Sometimes the cost is worth it, especially if you do it wrong and miss out on thousands of deductions?

Definately declare it, don't mess with the governments money......

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Regardless of what the rules are I personally wouldn't bother.

James Hamilton CPA