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1. Posted by luciano (Full Member 42 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

hi I need some advice on things to see on route from the mexican-belize border towards tikal in guatemala. I'll be there in a week or 2 and I prob have a week or 2 in belize give or take, just skimming through. beaches, scuba divng, wildlife, trekking, adventure sports would all be high on the list...and a few a parties of course...

anyone know how much the blue hole dive costs? or other good dives?
has anyone been to the jaguar sanctuary?
how expensive is belize...compared to say guatemala...?

help greatly appreciated.

cheers again.

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head out to the cayes. Belize City = not a nice place to stay. the combination of cruise ship port and dislike of snotty tourists makes it dirty and unfriendly. however, right outside of Belize City and towards Guatemala are a ton of cool places. The people are so interesting and friendly. The ethnic mix is amazing with belizian, guatemala, mexican, asian, and mennonite people creating a really cool culture. places like orange walk, belmopan, that's where you want to be. Belize is more money than Guatemala for sure, but still really cheap in comparision to the rest of the world.

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thanks a mil thats great. thinking of hitting the cayes, then heading maybe to belmopan and then on towards tikal, stopping in some places along the way...sounds pretty interesting.
only prob is i want to come back to belize for the jaguar sanctuary and then back to guat to meet friends in guatemala city. so its a bit of crisscrossing. does that sound like alot of travelling? and will i have to pay entry fees each time i cross the border?

cheers again for the much needed info.

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yeah, you'll have to pay entry fees each time... but it's probably REALLY cheap. I can't remember how much, but that fact that I don't remember means it was next to nothing.

you can get on a bus (a fancy tour bus) going from Belize City all the way to Tikal to make the trip easier if you are going to do it multiple times. But the trip between Tikal-Belize City was easy and interesting.

All the way to Guatemala City is a long ways. Its about 9 hours. You could do a night bus maybe, depending on how you feel about those. When I went, I had been really sick for about 4 days, so we ended up flying. It was less than $100, so if you really want to save time and money isn't a big deal, its totally worth it.