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Hello fellow travellers!

I went through this section on the forum and apparently there are brave people out in cyberspace that want to travel around the world. For those who are uncertain - Just Do IT!! Even if you are in our age (47 respectively 51 years old) it´s a fantastic rewarding thing to do.

We jumped off the ratrace and packed our backpacks and travelled around the world for 365 days (well, actually 382 days).

We have put our travel stories on our web site -snip- and also commented the safety issues that seems to be on many travellers mind and other recommendations for travellers.

Basically it all comes down to common sense, humbleness, local knowledge, integration with locals, respect, respect and respect and be aware that traffic accidents is your highest riskfactor where ever you go.

Enjoy the ride and remember - you only live once!

Best regards


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