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I'm thinking of travelling NZ by car from Feb - April '08 and was wondering how much insurance, buying a car etc. costs? Also where could i find a car?
Many thanks

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Kiaora Will...If you want to bypass the thousands of caryards and purchase a vehicle at a cheaper price, you may want to check the auto auctions out....You can find one in every city....or if checking online, then, is an excellent option also....Welcome to NZ...Naku nor na

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Cool, Thank you for the advice I shall do that! Also do they have to pay Car Tax in NZ? If so how much would it cost, and insurance, even though it is not compulsory in NZ how much would that set me back?

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When i was in NZ for 6 months i bought a car and did not bother with insurance. Try to get one with a WOF (Warrent of fitness) that will still be valid till you leave and then you wont have to worry bout much. My car cost me bout £250 and lasted me the 6 months i was there JUST and i know nothing bout cars

hope this helps

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If you get to Auckland, check out the Ellerslie car fair which is held once a month at the back of the Ellerslie Racecourse. They have the AA on hand to advise, and apparently it's not a bad place to pick up a car.

A lot of people don;t bother with insurance, but it you get caught you're in TROUBLE! Also, no offence Kiwis, but there are a lot of crazy drivers here!

If you're planning on staying here for a while a car is a good thing to get. I prefer to use public transport usually, but it just sucks here and the only way to get around the see the country is really by car.