Peru to Costa Rica?

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1. Posted by sandytoes (First Time Poster 1 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hi! I´m currently living in Chile now, but in a month I´m going to start traveling and make my way home. I want to go from Peru to Costa Rica then to Beleize. Anyone have any good ideas how to do this, or a cheap airline? The prices are pretty high! Thanks

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It makes for an interesting overland journey, although the Darien Gap will be a problem. Why not travel to Colombia first, and then somehow cross; there's ferry service to Panama, from where you could bus it, but if you're truly adventurous, you could just try crossing the swamps, like these guys have done.

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It is a good trip....I am actually going exactly the opposite way. I started in Guat two months ago. The Darien Gap is always an issue. You can fly it to Panama City, or, as some people I know in Cartagena have just done, you could find a sailboat that is sailing through the San Blas islands and onto to Colon. It takes about a week and is worth it, I would imagine. It seems pretty common and possible here in Cartagena