Recommended places to go in Thailand in a month!!!

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1. Posted by emmaflynn (Budding Member 2 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Im heading to Thailand in 10days and so far havent really made many plans. Im there for a month. Has anyone got any reccomendations of places to go or stay or things to do???
Emma x

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Once in BKK, get over to Khao San Road. A backpacker ghetto yes, but it is a great place to meet others your age and hear about where they have, what to see. Many cheap rooms on the street or just off it. Restaurants as well. Have your notebook out and just ask others what they liked/disliked while travelling. Where they stayed, buses, trains, etc. Go into one of the many travel shops and look at the photos of the different places to visit. Decide what interests you and what you really want to see. You have enough time to see most of the country.

You will get tons of advice, some worthwhile, some useless. Just be flexible with your plans and you should meet up with others going your direction.

You certainly should hit the Krabi area. Prettiest part of Thailand IMO. Many islands offshore to visit, not an expensive part of Thailand. Take a look at Koh Jum & Koh Lanta. This maybe where you want to chill out for a few days in a beachside bungalow. Definitely cheaper than Koh Phi Phi or Phuket. Other posters will offer their best advice and favorite places in Thailand as well. You should get some good ideas before you get on the plane. Good Luck with your trip.

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Here's my updated list of Must Do's in Thaialnd

1. Check out Bangkok throughly (Grand Palace, Jatujak weekend market, Khao San road at night, river tour of the Chao Praya river (day and night) + floating market. If have time visit Ayuthaya (ancient city) and Pattaya (beach resort) both are just two hours from Bangkok.

2. Eating fried bugs from a road side stall

3. An early visit to the Klong Toey fresh market??

4. Take a motor bike taxi ride through the traffic of Bangkok - not recommended for those with heart problem haha!!

5. Take a passenger boat along one of Bangkok's most busy and crowded canals. It's call Klong Saen Sab (The canal of pain). You will get to see the backside of bangkok - how people actually live!! You can get on the boat opposite Central World Plaza (near the junction with petchaburi Road).

6. Go to a spa/massage it's cheap and you're gonna love it. Most of the hotels will have one. Thai massage a must!!

7. Thai food recommend - tom yum (herbal soup), somtam (papaya salad) and phad Thai. -snip-

8. Take a Tuk Tuk ride in Bangkok.

9. Watch a Thai Boxing match. -snip-

10. Get a tailor made suit/clothes. They are cheap and good I would recommend The Versaces (in front of sukhumvit soi 7) ask for Danny. I get my clothes made with him.

11. Visit a dentist (if you need to) It's cheap and of high standard.

12. Popular destinations: Down south - Phuket, Phi Phi, Krabi and Samui - Up north to Chiang Mai - Eastcoast to Pattaya, Chang Is. and Samet Is.


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Defineatly do allot of the things mentioned above.. Different for every person, i.e. I did not eat a bug and I don't think I ever could :P

Also I stayed in Chinatown on my first trip to Bangkok and it was defineatly one of my favorite places there. Some friends stayed there after my raving about it all the time and now they rave about it too :)

I did the route Bangkok towards Malaysia in 7 weeks so I can't comment on the north and such but my favorite places in Thailand were without a doubt Koh Tao and Khao Sok National Park which was a really nice surprise.

Good luck and happy travels :)

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If you're into shopping, Bangkok is definitely the place to go. Don't miss out Jatujak (or commonly known as Chatuchak, pronounced as char-tu-chuck) weekend market, it has loads to offer, from clothing to home deco, to household products, handicrafts, pets...

As for food, my top picks are the seafood tom yum soup & pork knuckle with salted vege..yum yum..

Have a pleasant trip!

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lucky u ... :)

dont miss Foot Massage.... just awesome ... !!!!!!

and tattoos are cheap too ....


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Places to go in Thailand. I suggest you go to Ayutthaya. Ancient City of Siam. Maybe you can head up north to Mae Salong (Santhakiri). That place is really cool and unique. It is known as little China. 95% of its population are Chinese from China. Famous for its Oolong Tea. You should try to go there. Great place for relax.;)

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a massage..yes..defiently a massage!