£3500 enough for 20 weeks??

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Hello, Im going on a 20 week trip to the following places in June:

Nz 3 Weeks
OZ 6 Weeks
Bali 2 Weeks
Singapore through to Thailand - 8 Weeks

At the moment Ive got about £3500 to last me and that includes eveything bar my actual ticket which is paid for, Im expecting NZ and Oz to be my most expensive places but Im wondering if anyone else has doen this sort of trip in 5 months and whether this is a realistic amount of money to take. Any help/ advice would be most appreciated. Thanks :)

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Yes, that should cover your time quite decently. £3500 is roughly $8300 (AUD). Even if singapore through thailand would be as expensive as Oz and NZ, that'd leave you half that amount ($4150) for 9 weeks there, or a budget of about $66 per day. For that budget you can bus to a next destination every few days, stay in small dorm rooms at decent hostels, eat mostly supermarket food, but dine out every so often, too, and even do a few activities (guided tours, bungy jumping, that sort of thing).
I have no experience with costs in south-east Asia myself, so I won't comment on that, but I suspect that if you divide your money 60 - 40 over oz&nz - SE Asia, you'll never really have to worry about anything money-wise (although it's a good idea to keep half an eye on your spending behaviour anyway).

3. Posted by Beezle (Budding Member 22 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Thanks for that!

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Beezle, it's a very hard question to answer because it really depends on how you plan on travelling.
If your a budget traveller staying in hostels and just wanting to see the sites, then I would think you have just enough money.
If your planning on partying most nights and doing a few of the extreme sports in NZ plus buying a heap of souvenirs in Thailand then you probably don't have enough. A big night out in Aus will cost you over $100 and I would imagine a bungy jump or something similar in NZ would be at least a couple of hundred dollars.

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thailand is super cheap! beer, food, accomadation...etc.....

australia is quite more expensive, especially if u like to drink...i spent majority of my money in bottle shops and bars...not a good move if you trying to travel for a long time....i became a big fan of "white wine in a box"! lol

haven't' been to Nz, but wld love to go one day!

have a great trip! in the meantime, work more and spend less!

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I have not been yet and so this is just rough info from what I have heard and will be bringing. I have over budgeted in a lot of areas just so that I don't have any disasters. I am planning 5 weeks in Australia and then 3 months in South East Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam). My budget is:

Australia = £2000 (including the Oz Ex pass which is pretty pricey!)
South East Asia = £1200
Extra money just in case = £600
Flights = £850

Australia wise, it can be pretty pricey (although it is cheaper than the UK). It depends what way you will be traveling really, budget backpacking or living it up. Transport wise, the cheapest would be to use a bus company such as Greyhound - apparently really good. I'm not too clued up on Australia's costs though, sorry!

On the other hand, South East Asia is very cheap, although, I'm pretty sure that Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand are the most expensive of the countries. Myanmar (Bali) I think is cheaper though. My sister and her boyfriend traveled for 7 months to SE Asia on £200 a month and were absolutely fine! £400 a month as I have budgeted will be more than enough, but I just prefer to be safe.

Costs for both countries can be cheaper if you are traveling with a partner.

Hope that this is of some rough help.