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My buddy and I are going from Athens (Piraeus) to Mykonos, then to Naxos, and finally back to Athens from May 18th to May 23rd. The first and third ferries are available to book, but the middle connecting mykonos to naxos shows "no availability." Is there any other way to get between the islands? Or can we get on a ferry last minute on from Mykonos? I would feel at ease if we could book it now, but understand if we just have to wing it. Has anyone had experience with this ferry or any recommendations? Thank you all so much for your help!

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I suggest that you check this site :

I have looked up your route Mykonos - Naxos for around 20th May and I found that there are tickets to book with "Sea Jet Ferries".

Hope I`ve helped you.

Have a nice time!

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Hey nickagian,
Thanks a ton my friend! You know I posted that then found the website you recommended that same day so I booked my ferries and I am super stoked on my upcoming trip. I leave in 4 days!
I did want to ask you though if you had ever been to either of those islands (mykonos & naxos) and what you recommend? I appreciate all of your advice. Thanks again.

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I`m happy that you have found the solution to your problem!

Sure I have been to these islands and I have to say that you `ve made a good choice! Naxos is very beautiful and in comparison to Mykonos, you can have quieter and more broad vacation there. I mean that you can visit some archaeological sites (for example a visit to the unique "Portara" of Naxos during the sunset or not is a must - look at some pictures here, you can find very good beaches (mind that the two best are Agios Prokopios and Agia Anna, which actually are next to each other and you can reach them in a short time by bus from town) and of course some good clubs to dance or beautiful bars for just a quiet drink.

Mykonos is the synonym of night life and parties. I`m not exaggerating when I tell you that there are more people awake in the streets after midnight than during daylight! You`re gonna find here numerous clubs (and a lot ones for gays too - in case that you don`t already know it, Mykonos is a well known place of meeting worlwide) and lots of overcrowded beaches. The most known ones are Paradise, Super Paradise where there are beach parties day and night, but you can also find others more peaceful. A visit to the Little Venice (
with the famous windmills nearby is also a must when in Mykonos. Lastly, if you have time and want to visit another arhaeological site, you can take one of the little boats that take you for an one-day-visit to the nearby island of Delos. Actually this small island doesn`t have any is only covered with numerous archaeological finds at their original places and you can walk through them. It has a lot of mythology behind it, you can read some here

This is all I can tell you!

Enjoy the trip!


P.S. : Just have in mind though that now is not yet high season for those islands (and generally for Greece) and that especially Naxos will not have as many tourists as in mid summer (that can be either bad or good for your own tastes of course!)