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South East Asia June - September

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1. Posted by wilko84 (Budding Member 13 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hey guys,

The more and more I research my planned backpacking adventure.... the more I want to go sooner rather than wait!

I'm now considering leaving the UK possibly end of June and heading to Thailand, possibly Vietnam, Singapore etc with the aim of arriving in Perth in early September.

I have read a few posts about people doing Thailand in the northern summer (i.e. June - September) and have a few questions....

1. What will the weather be like? Is this time of year the wet season in South east Asia?

2. Realistically... how much will I need to budget on average per day for South East Asia? I will spend most of my time in Thailand only maybe one week in Singapore. I enjoy a few drinks most evenings etc and will probably do a bit of diving when I'm out there. Would an average of say £15 per day be more than sufficient?

3. Can anyone recommend a decent backpackers hostel in Bangkok to start from that will be good on offering advise and somewhere I can meet plenty of other backpackers?

In particular I'd be really interested to hear how much money people spent during their time in Thailand and what they done during their time. As I say, I'm thinking along the lines of £15 per day for say 50 days = £750 + contingency of £250 = £1,000 for 7 weeks.

After this, I'll be looking to head to Australia where hopefully I'll pick up some contract work in my profession (Construction Manager), if not, I'll go and pick some fruit!!!

Many thanks in advance.


2. Posted by Degolasse (Travel Guru 823 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hey Leigh, I'lll do my best here to answer there questions,

1. I've only been to Thailand in June. It rains a bit, but its never an all day thing and it doesn't effect your travels. You just have to wait out an hour or so in a restaurant or on the patio of your bungalow and then head back to the beach when it stops and it'll be nice and sunny 10 minutes later. We did have a problem with diving in Tao in June. Everytime we were about to go out the seas would suddenly get rough and the trip was cancelled. So we had to wait about 5 days before we found a good day. The thing with Thailand though is that monsoon hit both sides of the peninsular a little different. So if the diving's no god on Tao, it might be fine on Phi Phi.
From what I understand, if you are heading through Cambodia in Aug or Sept, you may have more problems with flooding and road closers (not much more than dirty roads), but hopefully someone else can give you more info on that.

2. Money - the unlimate question. It's really hard to do up someone else's budget because everyone travels a bit different. But I can tell you what I spend. For me, 10 pounds or 700 baht a day is plenty. I spend about 200 on accomidation, 200 on food, and 300 on random expenses (including alcohol) and transporation. Actuallly, I rarely even spend this much, and when I travel with my girlfriend we budget about 1000-1200 for both of us together. It's easiest to budget your diving seperately depending on how many dives you want to do. I can't remember exaclty but I think the prices are in the 6-800 baht/dive or 10 pounds range. If you plan to drink alot while you are there, then this will bring your budget up quite a bit. Compared to local prices of everything else, beer in Thailand is quite expensive. Expect to pay 40-60 baht for a big beer in a restaurant or 70-90 baht in a bar. If you go out and drink 3 or 4 of these every night then your budget goes up another couple hundred baht a day.
Singapore on the other hand is the most expensive city in Southeast Asia. Your budget there will be about double of that in Thailand. Assuming that you'll be going overland from Thailand, you will find Malaysia slightly more than Thailand, but not much. You will drink less in Malaysia so it'll probalby even out. If you head to Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam, youll find prices pretty comparable, if not slightly cheaper than Thailand. But no matter where you go, even if you plan to drink quite a bit, you'll have plenty with 15 pounds a day.

3. In Bangkok there is a baffling array of hotels for every budget. If you want to be where the backpackers are, then head to Koa San Road. You will litterally find hundreds of hotels that are cheap as chips and all filled with fellow backpackers, all within a 3 minute walk along the same couple streets. Everyone has their favorite spot and none are really better than the rest. It's just a matter of checking out a few and seing what prices are like and what place you like best. I recomend heading to Rambutri road behind the temple. It's a bit quieter back there and hotels are pretty good.

3. Posted by pPamela (Full Member 158 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Why not check out Indonesia- I did my 7th trip there last year for 5.5 months- a lone female who does not speak the language.
June to September are great months for travelling in Indonesia.
Check out my photos taken since 2000.

You are welcome to send me a private message as well with questions.

4. Posted by pPamela (Full Member 158 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Sorry, first link is incorrect.