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21. Posted by Gerrit_BE (Full Member 83 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I simply don't have a career. I have a JOB, which is something entirely different. It's a job without too many perspectives, it just pays the bills. Soon I leave this country to discover another country, where it will be the same story: a job just to get around during my time in the country. I have no career. And I don't want one. I grew up with the idea of "study, work hard, settle, grow in your job to a higher position, ...". I never felt attracted to that lifestyle and after a few years of working I can only say that I would not even want promotion at work. I enjoy my 'low profile' job where I don't have a lot of stress and where my life is about other things but careers, I don't make a lot of money but I have enough to get around and that's fulfilling enough.

Some people will probably say I was crazy to go travelling. I had a very nice apartment by the sea, a job, and had one year to go to get a university degree through evening school. But I wanted to see a bit of the world so I left. Giving up that course was the best decision I have made in my life, and I am very glad I didn't let it stop my travel desires. The only regret about that course I have, is to have started it while I only did it to please my family.

The idea of settling down is surely not uncommon to think of sometimes because you see everyone else around you doing it. It's the easiest way towards a satisfying life as well: you got your home in a familiar environment, you have your friends, can do your hobbies with people you like and in a city that feels familiar, ... I still don't feel attracted to that lifestyle though, maybe I'd feel satisfied if I'd be doing that but I simply always prefered a different lifestyle, and everytime I think about life I just conclude that I would not like to picture my future life looking back on having settled somewhere. If I'd settle, I would have hobbies and activities enough to enjoy my life and live with a satisfied feeling ; it's not the sort of satisfaction in life I always felt attracted to though, it's not what I always dreamt of in life.

Travelling is the best education you can get, nothing makes you richer inside. You can perfectly well combine this with career if you want, as good jobs are not just to be found in one country, and on the contrary some employers like people who had professional experiences in different countries. Personally I would say career is not that important in life (it is not to me anyway, I simply have no interest in a high-profile job) but even when you want a career this can go hand in hand with living and working in different countries.

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22. Posted by Ranni (Budding Member 8 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I think its very interesting topic.

I know what you mean Bennnn. Most of people I am going to college with (and most are Asians) in USA, most have only one dream. Finishing college and then starting Masters then may be Phd and Work for rest of their lives. This life style is one my biggest fear ever.

I come from Indian family. So my family was kinda pushy about these things too. But they dont care anymore what i do as long as i am happy.

I did Major in Chemisty and History. BUT I dont think i will be working as a chemist. Only reason i chose those majors were cause i Love science and History. NOT because of making career in them for rest of my life. After college i plan to travel for few years (with money i been saving doing part time jobs while in College) then may be in couple of years i will find a Job in sales or something where i get to travel as well.

But i can never see myself ..having a house and living in it for rest of my life doing 8 to 5 job. GOD NO

There is sooooooo much to see in this world. I wish we had more than one lives. so I could travel more. :)

23. Posted by Clarabell (Travel Guru 1696 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

This is always an interesting topic. I didn't even know what career I wanted until I started travelling. After graduating I had kind of fallen into working in regeneration, and there would potentially have been some quite good career prospects in it, except that my heart wasn't in it. And if you don't have the enthusiasm you won't succeed in a career.

I have never been particularly interested in the kind of jobs that earn a lot of money, I was always motivated by wanting to help people. Perhaps not suprising as I was brought up by lefty social workers. However, it does occasionally bother me that most people I know my age (late 20s) are in solid careers and have good incomes and are on the property ladder, which is increasingly difficult in this country. My best friend is having her first baby any day now. I do want my own house and family eventually. But so what if it happens a bit later than my peers.

Although I'm starting to feel too old to be living the student lifestyle in shared houses, and I'm skint, I would never trade my experiences from travel, and just want to see more of the world.

I can't travel much for a while as I'm a poor student training to be a nurse. But I love the course and I feel I have found a career that I can really focus on and that will reward me, albeit not financially. This is what I have always wanted and it will allow me the opportunity to travel more in the future. While I love the idea of being stinking rich, I am happy to accept just being reasonably secure.

Achieving this balance is probably not easy, but, in my opinion, its what makes you a success, rather than the make of your car. Surely success is about a lot more than money? In my opinion its more about achieving your goals, contributing to society, and making the most of life.

24. Posted by bennnn (Inactive 93 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Quoting Ranni

But i can never see myself ..having a house and living in it for rest of my life doing 8 to 5 job. GOD NO

There is sooooooo much to see in this world. I wish we had more than one lives. so I could travel more. :)

I'm not just talking about working a 8-5 job. Almost every profession requires a 9-5 shift anyway.

But I'm speaking about salary, savings, long term investments. You mentioned you come from an Indian family, so I'm sure you would have felt the pressure, or at least seen in some Asian cases, where they believe it is wise to start saving while you're young, let the money grow, find ways to become rich, be a broker, a doctor, a manager.
Because money is empowering, and with power, comes respect.
And I know many Asian parents will feel disappointed when their kids do not think and build their future properly.
I don't know, but that's just my observation. Some people may actually enjoy having, and working towards a financially healthy goal.

25. Posted by Clarabell (Travel Guru 1696 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Quoting vxmike

. For example. A nurse can easily work 60 hours a week for a year to save, travel for two, then re-enter the workforce at the same pay/benefits.


"easily" work 60 hours a week? nursing? lol......

26. Posted by Herr Bert (Moderator 1388 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

It's always nice to dig up some old topics:

Because money is empowering, and with power, comes respect.
And I know many Asian parents will feel disappointed when their kids do not think and build their future properly.
I don't know, but that's just my observation. Some people may actually enjoy having, and working towards a financially healthy goal.

My observation is that we are all gonna die one day. You can make plans your whole life and saving up money. But what is it worth if you haven't done anything with it, except to have it in a savings account. Sure you will spend some of the money, in the short vacations (2-3 weeks) you are allowed to have from your boss. I am not willing to sacrifice the best years of my life (20's - 30's) to build on a secure future for when I am old. I don't want to travel when I have limitations because of age, or accidents. Travel and have fun now, because you don't know how your situation will be tomorrow.

I don't see that money buys you respect. And when it does, from who comes this respect? From other people that are trapped in a rat race, to get a bigger house than the neighbour, a bigger car, a bigger plasma tv? I am sorry to say, but from those people I don't need any respect, and I refuse to let the media tell me that I need to buy, buy, buy, spend, spend, spend my money and time on the overpriced things I don't need.

27. Posted by Q' (Travel Guru 1987 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

12 years of school + 4 year degree !?!

HA !!! Try 13 years of highschool + 7 years for 2 engineering degrees !!! Just kidding. Earning a degree is quite an accomplishment. Well done !!

Once upon a time, a career was tied to a single company. They take you out of school, train you in the company method of doing things, then you're there for life. In today's world a career is about what's inside of an individual. Few companies train their employees or have proper career development. Hot desk swapping is quite common. Consultancies are also quite common. Telecommuting and home offices are quite common. That will continue with globalization, etc.

You have to make adjustments of course. I can't go to Cambodia next week because I feel stressed because I have a test plan to deal with. But we're going to New York for 10 days over Christmas. We were just back from two weeks in the south western USA. And I'm thinking about asking for an unpaid leave to go to China next year. I don't have too many problems getting around the world. And I have enough savings to pay for everything. I don't debat too hard about a dropping $1500 on a plane ticket. Infact, I've been travelling more now with a career than before. I've also quoted my travel experience in job interviews, at least twice now. I think they were impressed both times. In my business, the ability to plan and execute 45 day solo trips to middle of nowhere and the ability to work with the French, English, Chinese, Germans, Americans and Canadians, comes in really handy. It's all about how you choose to live your life.

28. Posted by mumba (Full Member 42 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hi :)

I've just arrived back home after nearly 2 years of travelling - I was older than the average traveller, leaving at 29 so maybe I had more to lose. I'd worked in a good job, had lots of mates and a great social life but gave it up and left on some travelling which turned into probably the best thing I will ever do in my whole life.

The experiences, places, people I've met - there is no amount of money that could ever replace that!

Now I'm back I suppose I am a little envious of people's money, cars etc etc but delving a little deeper you realise that your mates are actually jealous of you and not the other way around.......you have been having loads of adventures and have loads of stories and your mates can't believe you've been away for 2 years as they are doing the same thing as when you left.

I suppose the question you need to ask yourself is - what would you like to look back on when you're old and grey? Money, cars and security or the memories of seeing all over the world and all the crazy stories and adventures that come with it?

As a bonus - I now have a very chilled out attitude to life - coming home to 'nothing' used to really stress me out but I'm taking it all in my stride and I think that has everything to do with travelling

I hope you make the right decision

Mumba :)

29. Posted by claireh (Respected Member 318 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

This is where the old phrase "look after today, and tomorrow will take care of itself" comes in nicely. There are no definites in life. Do what makes you happy. The houses and cars- they're all very nice, but do they make you truely happy and touch your soul? Errr, no. I gave up my career to travel. I'm now back, temping, earning a bit of cash for my next trip and feel I've made the decisions that were best for my wellbeing and happiness. I just followed my heart.

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30. Posted by Rraven (Travel Guru 5924 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I put my career on hold to travel and I found out today from my bosses that instead of putting it on hold I now show a more balanced approach to life on a global scale and have more opportunities for promotion then before I left, supposedly I have matured on a professional level................... what makes all that funny is that after being a way for a short while I don't know if it is the career for me so i may change it, late 20s and still don't know what i want to when i grow up :) as for the material side, yes i enjoy it but i don't need it to be happy, oh and the bosses made this judgement even though this is my first week back..... you never know how people will react...oh and to those who know me, i'm still giggling

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