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Since you were all such a brilliant help on my paris trip I thought I'd set another help the dizzy blonde plan another trip!

My friend and I are planning to get flights to malaga, hire a car and travel around southern spain camping for a fortnight. we are however, interested in going to morroco for the day or maybe overnight.. Does anyone have any information on how..

a) to actually get to morrocco? I'm assuming a boat from Gibralter? though please correct me if I'm wrong..

b) Where to go and what to do when we get there?

c) Would you reccomend a day visit or staying for longer?

d) cost advice of getting to and staying in morroco?

Any advice at all would be greatfully received,

Thank you

Bloss xxXXxx

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Hey Bloaa, I hired a car when I was in MAlaga last summer, it was a real experience... They drive on the other side of the road to what we do here, the 'wrong side!;)' so it took me a while to get used to... But after that it wa great.

We drove to Marbella and the drive was absolutely amazing, apart from getting lost several times, the view from the drive along the coast on the way was breathtaking...

We did not have much time but IWould also liked to have visited Ronda, which is supposed to be really nice...

Morocco would be cheap, I have some friends who have just got back and they said it was nice... I Cant give many more details as I have not been thre myself, but I Am sure there are many otehrs here who can.... :)

I think you would actually get the ferry from Algeciras, not entirely sure though...sorry...

I would be wary of driving in MOrocco though, the driving tends to be errrrm, kinda suicidal in them parts, so be careful!!;)

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If you plan a daytrip to Morocco, you wouldn't be able to see much more than Tanger. which be all means is not the most pretty town of Morocco. It could also be a problem to take a rented car out of Spain, as I am not sure the company would allow that.

If you would want to visit Morocco, I would leave it to a future trip, and opt for places like Casablanca or Rabat. (or maybe some other towns on the coast). but if you would like to go, I would say go for more than just one day, but also choose a different city than Tanger.

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Your ferry routes to Morocco are from Algeciras, Tarifa and Almeria, not from Gibraltar. There is a very fast ferry from Algeciras to Tangier that takes about an hour and costs 65 euro-ish return for foot passengers, 200 euro-ish with a car.