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hi all
we are heading on a rtw trip at the end of may. Flying out of Ireland, we had planned to start off in china, on to japan then to thailand, oz, nz and then over to south america- peru, ecuador, brazil and argentina. then up to north america to drive route 66 to chicago.
does anyone have any advice about this route- is this the best way to go, is there any suggestions on which countries to cover in south americal first etc?
any advice appreciated

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You got yourself a pretty busy route ahead you. I hope you are giving yourself a full year. The main thing to consider on a route like this is weather. It is one thing that you can (somewhat) plan for that can make or a break your trip. Though all countries will have prime times to visit, in many of the countries it's not going to make too much of a difference. Thailand, China, and probably many places in South America can probalby be visited at any time. But if you plan to spend some beach time in the Southern areas of Australia then you might want to make sure that you don't arrive in the winter. It can get surprisingly chilling in winter even in Sydney. Same with NZ, if you want to do some hiking down South then make sure you don't arrive in winter (which is during the Irish Summer). At the same time, if you plan to head way down south in Argentina to do some hiking, then winter is probably not the best time to do this. Once you get up north, you'll also want to avoid winter if you are driving in the northern US.
The way it looks now though, if you are leaving in May then you should be alright, but you might want to really think about it before you book your flights.

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The first half of your trip is exactly how I took partner + 2 kids a few years ago.
We did China + Japan in August (v.hot), Thailand in September (warm + wet), Singapore (35C all year!), then Oz in Oct/Nov (spring-ish), then NZ in Dec/Jan. So we basically followed summer around the world thus far.
Haven't been to S.America, but think along the same lines and check the weather before you get there.
We landed in LA in Feb and to us Brits, it was warm. Vegas was warmer still (25C). But we had a rude awakening when we crossed to Chicago and it was -12! Good job it was our last two days before heading home.