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Just came across this forum when looking for some information on my round the world trip. I'm going on a round the world trip starting in June stopping off in Singapore for a few nights, then onto OZ for 3 weeks and NZ for a month before heading onto Canada to meet up with some friends. This will be a new experience for me as I will be travelling alone and I haven't gone backpacking before so any advice appreciated. Are all the attractions still open in OZ/NZ at this time of the year? Obviously I want to travel as light as possible. With the airport restrictions that are now in place I assume that you have to check some of your baggage in - you can't get away with taking everything as hand luggage? I'm also looking for recommendations regarding travel insurance...



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I can't suggest anything to do with your travel insurance, because I have no idea what is available in the UK, but do read the fine print. This is especially important to do with what is allowed with Digital cameras, video cameras, cash etc, because you may be like I was and find they didn't end up covering my digital camera even though I even purchased added insurance for it.

You definitely will have to check stuff in unless you feel like buying small bottles of shampoo, new bars of soap etc every time you change places which would just be stupid. If you have a decent size backpack ie a 75 litre one you would almost certainly not be able to take it on even if you didn't have anything like that. If you haven't purchased your backpack, look at getting one which can cover the back section, so that the strap can be covered during flights so they aren't wrecked by the airport conveyer belts.

You'll need to be a lot more specific if anyone is to give you any sort of travel advise if that is what you are after ie places to see etc, because without your interests, approx budget per day no one can even try to give you much travel advise. All I can say given what you have written is, when in Australia DO NOT just stick to Sydney, because that is a sure way to just completely ruin a trip to Australia and not even be able to say you've seen Australia and be right with what you say. If you did that, you may have stepped foot in Australia, but Sydney is more like Australia's version of New York and nothing more, whereas if you also explored Melbourne or some of Queensland well you will have a bit more of a taste.

Have a great trip.

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Hi, try the BMC - British Mountaineering Council - for insurance.
I used them when I took partner + 2 kids RTW and they were half the price - yet their cover was more than equal. Check fine print to see what cover is included. e.g. can you hire a motorbike?
Also 'Repatriation' cover varies widely. Some companies stick you on a plane home, others will fly out a relative to fly home with you. I think this would make a huge difference in the event of a nasty accident.

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Thanks for the info. I'm looking travel insurance to include electronic equipment cos I might buy some stuff in Singapore. Looked at the BMC for insurance but they didn't look that competitive for a single traveller - possibly better for families? Travel Insurance Web gave me a fairly good quotation (think it was around £60).

Definately don't want that hassle of buying stuff at every location and I won't be staying in plush hotels so no freebies! Haven't purchased a backpack yet so I will be looking one that will include a cover for the back section. Any brands you could recommend?

In Singapore I'll probably just be looking to see the city and some of the main attractions. Also looking to buy some electronic equipment if anybody can recommend places to buy? Any hostels you can recommend that are convenient to the airport as well as the city? One thing I must work out is my budget per day.

I'm flying to Brisbane so will probably stay out on the east coast cos I only have 3 weeks - possibly a week in Brisbane, week in Sydney and another in Melbourne but I'm open to advice. I'm into outdoor activities and water sports so would possibly like to do some of this if not too expensive. I take it these sort of activities are available in OZ and NZ in the winter months? Of course I'd probably like to try some surfing aswell and snowboarding while in NZ.


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You may or may not already realise this, but when purchasing electronic goods for Singapore or anywhere out of your home country, if something goes wrong even in the warranty period, it wont be covered unless you send it to be repaired in Singapore or where ever you bought it and it doesn't matter if it is a worldwide company like Sony either. Like I had to purchase a digital camera when mine got stolen while away and I thought buying a Sony would be a safe bet due to it having a world wide reputation as top quality, but after a month the camera stuffed up on me and they wouldn't repair it unless I sent it back to Brazil even though they sell the exact same model camera everywhere in the world that has Sony Digital cameras.

When you purchase electronic goods, while away, if you want them insured in most instances you'd need to phone up the travel insurance company and add it to your policy because otherwise they most likely wouldn't be covered unless it was under the value of where you need to specify. Even then depending on how and where it got stolen it may not even be covered, because my digital camera wasn't covered so I am about $600AUD out of pocket for a camera which is not even working properly all the time.

I don't know if it is available in the UK, but I have got a Mountain Designs backpack (from Australia) and that is very top quality stuff. It's been with me to 48 countries on two RTW trips and is still almost as good quality as the first day apart from the fact the daypack section got knicked off the bus and isn't replaceable. So if you were planning on coming to Australia within a few days of leaving UK, well you could look at buying something cheap and nasty while in UK just to get you by until you reach Australia and then buy the top grade Mountain Design stuff from a Mountain design store in Australia (which is regularly on special but when it isn't is about £130 at current exchange rate for the pack I've got which is very comfy, very well made and has a sheet that zips up over the straps so it can be put on a flight underneath and not have the straps get torn off by the conveyor belt. It has a lot of hidden pockets and security measures built in to make it a safer option for carrying electronic goods. I had a few electronic things in the main pack for all of my trip that always went in the underneath baggage on my flight (a little risky if your bag gets lost) and none of them got damaged because of the added straps and stuff built in to the inside part to stop your stuff moving about in transit (and the way I cushioned them with my clothes.

Hong Kong has plenty of electronic stuff there if you go to Hong Kong and it even had an enormous shopping mall that only cosisted of computer and electronic shops for something like 10 levels. I'm not sure where to look in Singapore, but you'll unboubtedly find plenty of cheap stuff and many pirate computer programs and pirate DVD's, but I heard that they are starting to crack down a bit with that and a lot of shops dealing in that illegal stuff have been shut down.

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Hi, thanks for the info - not sure if I will buy any electronic equipment and if I do I will make sure and ask for international warranty cover. One thing I was thinking of buying was GPS but not sure if I will have the funds any more!

Was looking at backpacks there at the weekend - the Vango Planet traveller 50+20 looks like a good bag so will probably go for it. The Mountain Designs one looks like a good job but I don't think there is any point in me buying 2 backpacks.

Just a week and half till I set off so any more advice would be appreciated!


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Forgot to mention that I worked out my budget for Singapore, Australia, NZ and Canada for about £30 per day. Is that about right? Was also looking into doing the OZ Experience Strewth Pass - Brisbane to Cairns. Has anyone done this before? Is it worth it for £130?


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You should have plenty as long as you don't go over the top in Australia and New Zealand as well as not doing any of those extremely expensive activities in Queenstown/New Zealand.