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Hi there, I am travelling to Cairns on June 13th and hoping to do a fair bit of travelling down the east coast over about a year. Although I have some savings I intend to fund most of my trip by working in bars/restaurants, of which ive got a few years experience from my uni days. However ive heard somewhere that you need to have some sort of qualification in order to do this, something called an RSA?? Is this really essential?? If so, can anyone tell me how i go about arranging it, where i go to do it, how much it costs, how long it lasts etc? I am hoping to start work pretty soon after arriving in Cairns so need to get this sorted out soon!! Thanks, Katie X

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I know links are frowned upon so this could well be deleted. But this might help


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Once you've landed and settled a bit, grab a newspaper- any one will do- there are usually courses listed in the tuition/training area of the classifieds. If not, then any bar worker will be able to point you in the right direction.

The course itself is very simple, just common sense sort of stuff, a short test at the end of it- they tell you when would be a good idea to take notes(which you may refer too), and your done. Takes only a few hours.

Costs is around $60-100, lasts for 12months, then you can renew online i think free of charge. Not positive on that though.