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We are planning to have a trip in Singapore-Malaysia-Indonesia this coming May.

We would like go in Singapore First, then Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, then back to Singapore at last go to Indonesia then back to Singapore again.


but I don't know how to go to Indonesia, coming from Singapore.

Could someone here please guide me on how to travel from Singapore to Indonesia and how long will it take? or could you please suggest of best route we could do? because it seems that my plan route is very long.

Thanks in advance,

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Where do you intend to go in Indonesia?

If you are heading to Java or Sumatra or bali etc, you will have to take a plane. The journey varies between 1 hr to 2-3 hrs depending on where you are heading to.

If you just want to visit Batam or Bintan, you can take a ferry from Singapore.

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Or get the boat from Malaysia to Sumatra thus:


Boats from Melaka or Port Klang

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If you are going from Singapore to Indonesia- suggest you fly with Tiger Airways to Padang in West Sumatra- flight just over an hour or so. really cheap and you can buy over the internet with a credit card and you print off the ticket and off you go.
I flew with Tiger from Padang to Singapore to renew my 60 day visa in August 2006 and then returned to Padang a few days later.
Do you realize you will only receive a 30 day visa on arrival in Indonesia if you are from one of the countries who are on the list. For a longer stay you need to apply for a 60 day visa in Singapore through an agent like Hana Express- they pick up from your hotel and deliver the visa back to you.
Or you can apply yourself at the Indonesian Embassy in Penang like I did in October 2006.
Apply one morning by 10am and pick the next afternoon by 3pm. Cost 135 Ringgitt, cheap compared to $160 Singapore Dollars in Singapore.
If you are in Penang you can get a very cheap internet airfare with AirAsia from Penang to Medan- 20 minute flight.
You can get a ferry from Penang to Belawan- harbour 30 kms from Medan, but the ferry ticket is probably more expensive and the trip takes from 4-6 hrs and then you have to get a bus into Medan.
Have a fantstic time in Indonesia- it is an amazing country- have been there 7 times since 1997 for a total of about 15 months.
Photos from various trips.

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Hi there,
Thanks for all of your replies, we are just planning to have a 4 day trip only and our ticket is only for singapore back and port, we haven't booked any hotels yet but we are planning to have a walk-in booking once we arrived in singapore.

I would like to have suggestions from you, where could be the most possible place in indonesia where in we could travel in as just as short as 45 mins (I heard there is a nearby island, riding a ferry, but what island is that)

Here's how our iterinary goes, I think you could give me better suggestions.

1. Arrival in SG. 12noon
2. Go find available hotels (Fragrance etc.)
3. have a half day trip (if possible to sentosa) or any place in SG
4. sleep in the hotel in the evening

5. morning, early check out then go to malaysia KL riding a bus.
6. upon arrival find cheap hotel in Malaysia.
7. have a day trip in KL (Petronas)
8. in the evening, back to Hotel

Day 3
9. Back to SG.
10. Secure booking to the hotel we stayed on day 1
11. Go to indonesia just a DAY Trip (HOW?) for the shortest possible time we could easily go back to SG. on the same day.
12. Back to SG, Hotel.

Day 4
13. half Day Trip to SG. any where.
14. Back to Philippines.

I would appreciate your comments on this, for now I need to know how to get to indonesia, the nearest island but a good place to visit.
Thanks Again,


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If you want to do Indonesia in a day your really stuck with Bintan or Batam.

Tanjung Penang in Bintan is worth a quick visit and you can do it in a day - you can take a longtail boat trip around the harbour where there is a nice stilted village, a mangrove swamp, a chinese temple and some boatyards where they fix up old junks. There's an interesting food market too. You'd need to get your visa in advance though as the port isn't geared up to do visa on arrival. The port at Bintan Island Resort is geared up - but miles away from the town - so unless you want to play golf and eat expensive international food you might want to give it a miss.

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For hotel review in batam island, please visit

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