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Hi there, does anyone know how much it costs on the night train from bangkok to phuket? just a rough idea will do. thanks in advance for your help! james. :)

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I think there is no direct train service from bangkok to phuket. You can catch a train from bangkok to suratthani. The train 85 leaving bangkok at 19:30. I am not sure about the fare. From suratthani, take a bus to phuket which is around 6 hours journey. There are 15 buses a day between 5:00 - 15:30. If i am not mistaken,the bus fare would be around 280 baht. ;)

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I don't know about your money but I took that awful bus ride like 4 times over the last few months and finally said NO MORE!!! The train is probably around 700 baht or so. I want to say it's an overnight train that takes 12-14 hours or so.

It is true that there is no train service to Phuket and you can only take the train to Suratthani. The bus ride from there to Phuket is going to take a good chunk out of your day to. You can prolly catch just a bus to Phuket for 400 Baht, but watch your shit because the bus drivers are going to go through any bags that you don't have attatched to yourself. They went through my stuff every bus ride I took in Thailand. I left dirty clothes in that bag, and that's it. :)

Anyway, look into flying from Bangkok to Phuket or Krabi. The price is 1750 Baht and the flight takes about an hour.
They have a flat rate so all their destinations cost the same amount. They are nice planes, you get good service and it's relatively cheap. You get to save so much time by flying!!!!

Look into it, it leaves from the old airport in Bangkok (which is right next to the new one). You can take the bus from Khao San Rd for only like 35 or 36 baht to the airport. You will have to ask around about which bus it was that goes there. I don't have my bus map anymore and I haven't been in Bangkok for a few weeks and I don't remember.

Are you sure you want to go to Phuket? I left there about 3 weeks ago and it is turning into low season. It was getting really dry and everyone was leaving. I'd recommend going to the Gulf side of Thailand over the Andaman side. Koh Phangan is always gonna be partying.... there's my 2 cents worth.