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im travelling to thialand for three months and would like to go to malaysia but already have planed a route through cambodia vietnam and laos could i spend like a day or 2 in malaysia

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Why not you fly from your place to Kuala Lumpur,and travel from Kuala Lumpur to Penang and from Penang to Thailand and then continue your IndoChina tour. It will be much smoother than you travel in Thailand then into Cambodia,Laos and Vietnam and have to fly Malaysia which is troublesome.;)

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if it's for 1 or just 2 days it really depends on what plans you have in mind. for example like which state in malaysia are you looking at. let's say you just want to visit somewhere near to the thailand borderline, it'll be the norther parts like ipoh, penang island, kedah and kelantan. these places you should be able to get there by coach.

ipoh, kedah and kelantan i would say is bit laid back.

another to consider is what are your plans. if you're just looking at some sightseeing for 1-2 days, i wouldn't suggest states that is bit further down like kuala lumpur or malacca. travelling by coach, the journey itself could take up about 8 hours ++ from thailand though kuala lumpur and malacca would be my highly recommended places to visit :)

i would probably spend my time in penang island if i've got only 2 days.

enjoy planning

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It depends on which would be your next point of destination after your Indo-China holidays. If you're to go towards the south, say Singapore, Borneo or Australia, then you can opt to take the flight to KL from your last point of stop in Indo-China. The best option would be for you to fly from Hanoi to KL with Air Asia. This is the cheapest range that you can have. The airline however do not have direct flight from Laos to Malaysia. You can also fly from either Siem Reap or Phnom Penh, Cambodia to KL. Else, you may want to enter Thailand and beyond from Malaysia via the Bukit Kayu Hitam checkpoint in the northern state of Kedah, where the nearest city is Penang Island. Of course then you have to make Malaysia your 1st stop instead of Thailand if you really want to have a feel of Malaysia for a day or 2. There are abundant of bus services from Penang to Hatyai in Thailand. Journey takes approximately 3 hours. From Hatyai you can easily access to other parts of Thailand either by bus or the train service.

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yupe. i agree with skyef..

but kelantan and ipoh are famous for the culture and food... kelantan.. malay food and ipoh..chinese food..

Go for malacca if u aim to see historical town.
go for KL if u wanna see the city ..

Check out . see whether they have a transit from penang to thailand or not.. I'm not sure.

Well, malaysia is situated south of thailand. So by right, it would be easier if travell from malaysia then heading north. you can actually take the flight from malaysia to thailand using airasia. Airasia is dirt cheap (low cost flight) but just be on time when u r travelling with this airline.