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Our family is hosting approx. 11 people on a trip to Glasgow for a family event. We are coming in early for the Highland Agriculture show but generally, every one will be in June 28th with the main event on the 30th June. So....I thought we would have a day tour trip on the 29th and then have an overnight tour trip on July 2-3 (5 people leave early on the 5th so I thought that the night of the 4th was best spent bear the GLA airport.
QUESTION: What are you suggestions as to how to best spend (where to go) the touring time given that we have a 1 day block of time and then an overnight block of time? Also, on the overnight where would it be best to spend the night? We'd rather a B&B than a large hotel chain. Any ideas as to a guide who is abe tomake the history come alive?
Finally, has anyone been on the Edinburgh literary pub tour and what are your opinons?
I apppreciate any help you can give us. We really want these people to loveScotland as we do!

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I was in Edinburgh for 10 days last july, spent a few visiting the city and being lazy, as well as going out at night, and a whole day in the Highlands. I didn't think 1 day is enough, but if you plan to do this overnight trip, then It hink it's a good idea.
Highlands landscapes are amazing

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Scot AnSgeulaiche might be one to enquire with in regards to private tours, He was an absolute delight when I used his services for myself and my two boys. Ochil Tours was the company I had looked into when it was going to be a larger family group than what actually ended up travelling (from 8 people down to three), You might also look to Albanach Tours,

It will be difficult to house 11 people in a B&B, you might look to a guesthouse or small boutique hotel instead of the larger chains.

Have a most excellent adventure!

Slan Beo,

Bit Devine

[ Edit: I have noted web sites but l do not think they are for self promotion or web promotion therefore lm gonna let them stay they are useful in this case! ]