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What to do in Peru in 41 days, starting from Iquitos

Travel Forums Central/South America & The Caribbean What to do in Peru in 41 days, starting from Iquitos

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11. Posted by mike65 (Full Member 27 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I have been to Chacha in 2006.
I was surprised to see that this town is really nice, although it is cold during the night.
They offer a lot of organised trips, even very demanding ones.
My favourite is Kuelap fortress. But you can even visit parts of Gran Vilaya.
In Chacha we had a triple room for 60 soles, usually it is more.
We came to Chacha using the road from Tarapoto. There I must make a remark that our main goal was to visit Juanjui and the valley of Huyabamba river. Nothing is better than the little higher altitude jungle. No mosquitos, people are nice, no mass tourism - Peru at it's best...
If you're coming from Iquitos on a boat to Yurimaguas, you can proceed to Tarapoto, or use the road.
Tarapoto - Moyobamba - Pedro Ruiz road is paved, bus takes you there in about 7 hours. In Pedro Ruiz you take a car to Chacha (leaving when full), and takes you down the one of best and scenic roads I have seen.
In Chacha it is easy to join a group, and to pay some 30 USD for whole day trip to Kuelap (lunch included). We had one German friend with us that was travelling alone.
You have pubs and restaurants where travellers exchange messages on the boards, so you can easily find some companions for each step of the trip.
If I were you, I would just plunge into it, keeping in mind just some usual safety precautions. You can find it in any book about Peru or South America.
Plan the trip step by step, and go for it. Have a good time there...

12. Posted by Tedel (Budding Member 16 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

:) Hello,

About where you can go, there is a list here of Peruvian tourist attractions. About accommodation, Peru has a large offer, so there is no much need to book early, as a matter of fact. If you want to save, look for 3star inns/hostels and that's it. A common Peruvian won't spend more that 15 soles a day for his daily activities ( <US$5 )

As a Peruvian, I guess that, besides the list, there are a few recommendations to give: careful with the water (boil it or buy bottled water), careful to be overpriced for the items and services, careful with being stolen (just like anywhere else in the world) and careful with the food, because, although it is delicious some people find it too spicy. You can always ask for good places to go which are not among the normal tourist destinations. Ask and you will find.

Peruvian are very friendly people, so you will have no major problems here. Enjoy yourself.

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