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Hi, Can anyone tell me which vaccinations are required for travelling to Australia from Scotland? I am hoping to stay for 1 year.

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You will need absolutely every vaccination possible! Viruses, Dieseaes and Bacteria are rampent in Australia. Only joking. You will need absolutely no special vaccination. Most people in any country are up to date with tetnus and flu etc. I never have anything when I travel to the UK.

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no way. my momma whined at me to get vaccinations and stuff. but i told her aussie is a safe place not like some real hard up south east asia countries. given on the band that they dont even allow veggies and fruits to be brought in, you should be safe. if you want to be more cautious, just be updated with the news daily to see if any diseases has hit aussie, and if it does, get your ass out. ha.

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The only vaccinations should be against cirrhosis of the liver, skin cancer, reality shows (Big Brother/The Biggest Loser, etc) and the Foxtel sports channel.

El Leg

P.S. Don't eat Chicko Rolls.

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Some wonderful replies. Seriously there is no need for any vaccinations. However I must stress that if you intend stopping anywhere on the way to Australia or on the way back from Oz and to countries that would normally require vaccinations then you will need to have them. For the sake of this exercise it would appear you are coming straight to Australia and going straight back to Scotland. Bear in mind also that you could fall in love with this country and want to stay on indefinitely. Have fun. :)