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Hi all, haven´t logged on for a little while as i´ve just started my RTW trip. Currently in Madrid but leave for Peru on Tuesday.
What i´m after at the moment are some suggestions for what to do after Cuzco and Macchu Picchu. I am not exactly sporty so rafting, rock climbing, skiing etc are not really up my street.
apart from that i am open to suggestions. I have 2 months total in South America although i might cut new zealand short as its winter there and stay in south america a little longer.
I am planning on heading down thru Peru to Bolivia then on to Argentina and finally Chile so any sights i should see or towns i should visit etc.? Thanks in advance...

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Hi George

Why not hop on an overnight bus down to Puno or Copacobana and see Lake Titicaca?

It's a beautiful serene place and well worth the trip. It takes about 10hrs by bus from Cuczo. I recommend travelling with either Cruz del Sur or Ormeno. :)

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Well, if you are heading to Bolivia straight away, you might want to check out Titicaca, seeing as that is logical. But if you got some time to spend in Peru, i'd recommend Arequipa, Ica (and Huacachina), and Nazca. Along with those places are tons of stuff to do and see depending on your specific interests. Cuzco has a lot of stuff around it too, besides just the Inca Trail.

As far as places in the rest of South America, it would totally depend on which way you were going. um, some major ones would be Salar de Uyuni, Iguazu Falls, Buenos Aires, lots of outdoorsy type stuff in Patagonia, Mendoza, Santiago, etc etc etc

p.s. - it will also be winter in south america... so highland communities will actually be pretty cold.

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The beaten track leads from Cusco to Puno to La Paz, or down to Arequipa. North to Huancayo/Ayacucho is said to be nice, too; else, try heading east, to Puerto Maldonado, and into Brazil from there.

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Thanks for advice guys especially the bus companies to use. Was wondering about that as i´ve heard some can be a bit dodgy.
Can´t wait to get this 12 hour flight out of the way now!

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Hi guys,
Just thought i´d follow up on this thread rather than starting a new one. I am thinking about heading to Arequipa after Cusco, then on to San Pedro de Atacama, then uyuni salt flats, La Paz and down thru Argentina. Thinking about skipping Lake Titicaca altogether as from what i´ve heard its pretty boring.
What i would like to know is what are good companies to use as i asked SAS Travel about Cusco to Puno (when i was still thinking about it) and was quoted $30 for a 1st class bus. Starting to think they may be a bit expensive. Also how long do you think this would take and is it practical to go that way. Would be willing to include a flight to save time (sorry Niels but i only have 2 months in SA!)....
P.S. leaving Cusco in a few days...

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