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Hey everyone!! hope yas r all well!! me n my friend goin Oz b4 enda year...hopefully in november r dec...haven't anything arranged yet!! jst wondering wud it b time enuff booking ticket around june/july r wud dat n too late?? n is it cheaper to book closer to time leaving r wot??.....also we're guna go to like few countries such as thailand, hopefully vietnam, cambodia n wud like ta get to NZ aswell!! guna travel round them countries then spend time workin in Oz and travelling it too.... wuz wondering if yas think it b better to go straight to Oz first for mosta da year n then do da other countries on da way home after havin worked n saved bita money as i heard everythings soo cheap in thailand n wil wanna buy loads :)
dont wanna take out a loan so am hopin to have round €6000 saved......how much wud ticket b approx??? i am SOOOO excited bout this trip its all i ever think bout!!!!

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It is cheaper to book all airfares as far in advance as possible. The longer you leave it the more rediculously expensive the tickets become, because the airlines seem to think that if you need to travel that urgently you are willing to pay a small fortune for the ticket.

It depends where you plan on starting in OZ to if it'd be a good idea to travel straight away there or not, because in October it is the beginning of wet season up in the far north. If you are planning on arriving in the southern 3/4 of Australia, then the weather should be hot and beautiful almost every day.

If you are a shop-a-holic then going to South East Asia in the end might be alright, because it is very cheap for most things.

I have no idea how much your ticket would be, but it shouldn't take you too long to work it out, just look on a local travel agent website or go to a travekl agent and they'd be able to tell you.

Have a great trip.

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I went to Austalia in january this year and the flights were £1400 we were ripped off, I have booked an around the world trip going in january and the flights have only cost me £1800 (thats for 16 flights). I would advise you shop around for your flights - we were to excited about going and just booked the first one, its only having tallked to other people that we realised we paid over the odds.

We stayed in Brisbane and drove up as far as Fraser Island and then back down to Sydney - to be honest I found the prices quite similar to the UK, obviously slightly cheaper but not by a great amount. Im not a city person so I wasn't that keen on Sydney, we stayed just outside which was lovely (one thing I must admit you never meet a miserable australian - shame the uk isn't llike that). Because we were staying in most nights we would just go shopping in theday buy food and drink and chill out - I think we got by on abot £20 a day, but then we had trips.

On our way back we stopped in Thailand, flew down to Phuket and stayed in Patong. It is such a beautiful place, i intend on spending 3 weeks travelling through Thailand next year. Everything is so cheap, clothes, bags, beer etc, we could of got by on about £30 each day, but we were sunning ourselves in the day and then out for a meal and drinks at night, although I did go on a few trips - if you get down there you have to go to teh Phi Phi Islands, they are something else - I think we paid about £100 each but it was great. Also go Elephant Treking, I went on a morning tour which took you to temples, snake shows, cashewnut factory and to the island Safari Adventure spot where you could go elephant riding - it was just amazing - I thin that cost me about £50.00. 1 more thing if youget down there in Thailand make sure you spend one night at Fantasia (i can't remember how much it was but it was really worth the money.

I will be going around the north this time and stayiong in Bangkok for a longer period.

Hope this is of some use.

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