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Hi everyone!!

im new in this forum, and im planning a trip to europe on summer 2008 with my friends, the thing is i dont really know too much about the cities and this is my first trip to europe, can somebody give me some info about it? i will apprecite it...

thank you


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Hi Manny!

Welcome to TP. You've come to the right place for information! As a first step, I suggest figuring out how long you'd like your trip to be. Then make a list of all the cities you'd like to see. Start with the cities you've been dreaming of seeing or ones you're curious about. Do a little research to get an idea of other places that might be of interest to you. Once you have a timeline and a preliminary list, it's a lot easier to cut places out and plan your route and the things you'd like to do and see. As a rule of thumb, I'd give a good 3-4 days per city - a little more for big places like Paris or London, and a little less for smaller villages and towns.

Keep asking us here as questions come up. We're always happy to help.

Enjoy your planning! It's half the fun.


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For anybody to give you any sort of help you'd need to at least give people an idea of what you are interested in. Like if you are keen on history or architecture Moscow, St Petersburg, Rome and Barcelona just to name a few are really amazing places, but if history isn't your thing then those places may not suit you a lot. If you are keen on nature, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland may be your sort of thing, so you need to be a lot more specific with what you want to get out of your trip and what you enjoy.

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Hello again!!

Thank you so much guys for the info!!!, the trip is going to be on july 2008 the whole month, my friends and i are planning to go to Paris, Bern, Frankfurt, London, Barcelona, Rome,Amsterdam, the thing is that we dont really know touristic places in each city (except for the effiel tower lol) do you know any web page or book or something that could help me???

Thank you again :)


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A start as far as books go would the the Lonely Planet Shoestring guide to Europe. That is almost as thick as a brick and gives you so much information you could have brain overload!

As for touristy places, you should do what I did for the most part and just turn up go to the tourist information place and get maps and other information. Usually on the tourist maps it will point out the main spots of tourist interest, but in Rome it just has so many that I would intend on probably spending a minimum of 5 days there if you want to see most things. On my first trip I spent 14 hours, 14 hours and 12 hours of walking in Rome just concentrating on the tourist things and even spending that much time sightseeing I didn't get close to seeing everything worth seeing. Rome has so many touristy things it isn't funny (I've now been for 10 days all up and still not seen everything but I have seen some stuff twice), Barcelona also has a load of stuff to see and do around the area, London has many touristy things so basically your whole time will be a rush. I would definitely look at booking your accommodation in advance for the time of year you are going, because accommodation is very pricey if you miss out on hostels and they are very full and often booked out in July. In Barcelona, be sure to bring hot weather clothes, because when I was in Madrid and Barcelona in July last year in the bus station at Madrid it said it was 44C (about 111F) at 1.00am (which was underground) and in Barcelona the next day it was around 40C (104F). So it is very hot during the day and at night outside it was still rather warm even wearing shorts.

Another thing you may be able to do is go to a travel agent and say how you are looking at going to Europe next year and would like to see what tours are available that will cover a lot of Europe. If you did that, they would undoubtedly have some sort of brochures that cover large areas of Europe which you could look at and see the sites in the cities you have mentioned. That is what I do and it gives me even more of an urge to get away.

If you are planning on overland travel and going from Amsterdam-Paris or the other way around, you should consider stopping off to Brussels in Belguim. That was a really nice city worth visiting. Given you have such a little amount of time in Europe and covering so many places, you would probably only be able to afford a day or two maximum there before having to move on.

Have a great trip.

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