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Hi ! Me, my wife and another couple are going to visit The Netherlands in August for one week. We will arive in Amsterdam, and depart from there. Any suggestions on what places to visit apart from Amsterdam ? We plan to rent a car to travel along, without any clock restrictions.
Thank you

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The Netherlands is a great countyre, and there's plenty to occupy you for much more than a week. However, distances are small, so you can see quite allot in the time.

In no apparent order:

The Hague is very underated as a city (in my view), whilst Rotterdam has a percular fascination for me, although can't be classed as a tourist destination. Delft, Leiden, Groningen etc are proper Dutch towns and definitely worth a look. The area around Arnhem is sobering if you have an interest in history &/or war. The SE corner around Maastricht is very pretty (if you go there, a quick trip to Aachen in germany is a possibility), whilst the NE Friisian Islands are interesting as well, and good to relax, although can get crowded in summer. Gouda and Edam have obvious cheese connections. Haarlem is often overlooked despite being only 15mins from Amsterdam. Whilst not in the Netherlands, Brugges and Antwerpern in Belgium are both possibilities as well, and highly recomended

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Heya if you wanna go to The Netherlands and see some great things it's very nice to drive to Edam and check out the town and the Cheesemarket for tourists. It's only 20 km from Amsterdam. They show how cheese was sold in the old days :D At agenda you can check the dates. Edam lies next to the lake IJsselmeer. If you like to see some of the Dutch nature I advice you to drive towards the IJsselmeer and from there take the road towards Hoorn. That's another 20km. You'll drive on and next to the dijk and next to the lake. You'll also see oldfashion windmills and land that's below sealevel. Hoorn has a very nice citycentre with really old and big beautifull buildings in it. Totally different than Amsterdam. The VOC harboured there 2 centuries ago. (used to be the biggest trade organization in the world at that time) and you can see a lot of history ion that town. Also got's some nice museums on that in the towncentre. If you want to see other cities don't go to Rotterdam because it's one of Hollands most criminal places and only buildings from after WWII cos the Germans bombed the whole place back then. Utrecht/Haarlem/Delft etc are nice to see. Maastricht is also a very nice city to go to, but quite far away from Amsterdam.
As I said before the first trip would be very nice for you because it's really near Amsterdam and you'll see a lot of the Dutch culture. Have fun

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worth a visit are also Rotterdam with it's large harbour, Utrecht with the highest church tower of the Netherlands(110m), Maastricht in the south(close to belgium). You could also have a look in Volendam a traditional fishersvillage where many tourists go.

Beaches (though cold except some weeks in summer) areZandvoort(close to Amsterdam reachable by train), and Scheveningen (close to den Haag).

You can also have a look in cities as Arnhem and Groningen(in the north).

There isn't much nature in the netherlands but in province Friesland there are some great lakes.